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David Veslocki (Guitar)

Born: USA

The American guitarist, David Veslocki, graduated from Yale University with two degrees in classical guitar performance, and is the only guitarist to ever graduate from Eastman School of Music with a degree both in Classical and Jazz guitar performance. He received the Elliot Fisk Award while at Yale University.

David Veslocki is forging a unique path as a Guitarist, Educator, and Composer/Producer. David is a rare bread of a Guitarist, playing proficiently as a classical, jazz and rock player.

David's music has been mastered by Nick Essig (Elton John), Grammy Award Winner Gavin Lurssen (Robert Plant), and Rob Treloar (engineer for Queen Latifa, Roberta Flack), Sonic Boyz (Kanye West, Beyonce, Mary J Blidge, Busta Rhymes). David's collaboration with rapper Mr. Ozwald reached number 3 on college charts in all of North America, and his recent compositions(written with Composer Jay Wadley) will be appearing in the Universal Music Group production catalog at Killer Tracks in January.

David Veslocki has had the pleasure of collaborating with a wide range of musicians ranging from the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and John Adams, all the way to the Derek Trucks Band and Clark Terry. He is an active member of many groups. Pearl City, Elemental and The Yale Classical Guitar Duo, and David is the lead guitarist of the 45's and the Alex Flanigan Band.

David Veslocki has performed in Halls and venues including Avery Fisher Hall (world premiering "10,000 Cranes" by Pete Wier), the Bushnell, the Stone, The Wadsworth Anthenium, Six Flags New England Mainstage, the Eastman Theatre(World Premiering Ricardo Muldoon's "Guitango"), The Webster, The Hillstead Museum, The Hartford Jazz Festival, and The Box at Williams College.

David Veslocki is also the founder of Designer Guitar Tracks (Copyright Veslocki 08'), which has provided the industry standard in studio guitar work, played, and engineered by David Veslocki.

David Veslocki has appeared in Classical Guitar Magazine with the Yale Classical Guitar Quartet, and Downbeat Magazine for Best Pop/Rock group.

As a teacher, David Veslocki is developing a strong portfolio crafting the program in West Hartford Public Schools at Hall High School and Conard High School, and is also teaching at The Tess School of Music under the Suzuki Curriculum in South Norwalk.

"Dave plays like Jimi Hendrix with a masters from Yale in guitar" - Rapper Mr. Ozwald, Crown Digital Records
"David Veslocki plays Bach's lute works on the guitar with a refinement and insight that is usually reserved to the best lute players. His suite movements dance with a clarity of form that is both stimulating and elegant." - Paul Cienniwa, Artistic Director, Newport Baroque

Source: David Veslocki Website
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Aryeh Oron (February 2009)

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