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Mario Videla (Harpsichord, Clavichord, Organ, Conductor)

Born: March 17, 1939 - Salta, Argentina

The Argentinean harpsichordist, clavichordist and organist (and conductor), Mario Videla, graduated at the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad Nacional de la Plata in the field of organ, then after he completed his musical studies in Germany and Holland.

Mario Videla is one of the leading and outstanding figures in the field of classical music in South America. His performances on organ and harpsichord are recognized worldwide. He appeared in various international festivals such as the Festival de Lucerne, Rome, Madrid, Köln and London. In South America, he performed in Mexico, Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

Since 1978, Mario Videla has been appointed as the Artistic Director of the "Asociacion Festivales Musicales de Buenos Aires" and was in charge and Head of the Organ and Harpsichord Cathedra at the Conservatorio Superior Municipal "Manuel de Falla" in Buenos Aires. In 1983, he founded the Academia Bach de Buenos Aires with whom he performed over 70 J.S. Bach's Cantatas, the Magnificat (BWV 243), the Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) & Easter Oratorio (BWV 249) as well as various contemporary musical works. At the Teatro Colón he conducted J.S. Bach’s Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) and Matthäus-Passion (BWV 244).

In 1985 Mario Videla was invited by Helmuth Rilling on occasion of the Handel-Bach anniversary, to join the Bach-Collegium Stuttgart with whom he toured Federal Germany, Leipzig, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow and Moscow. With Helmuth Rilling, he has recorded several Bach keyboard pieces. In 1997 he launched a radio program dedicated to Bach - entitled "La Cantata del Domingo" which gained enormous publicity in the entire South America.

Mario Videla has gained a significant reputation in the fields of musical teaching and musicology , and has published numerous books mainly dealing with early music. He recorded extensively as a soloist as well as in association with ensembles and orchestras , such as the complete organ and harpsichord works of Domenico Zipoli, the Clavier-Büchlein of Anna Magdalena Bach 1722, J.S. Bach’s 6 Partitas (BWV 825-830) & French Suites (BWV 812-817), Italian Concerto (BWV 971) and the 2 & 3-part Inventions (BWV 772-801), as well as Latino - American's Colonial Baroque music. His best known publications are: Iniciación a la Flauta Dulce; Método Completo para Flauta Dulce Contralto; Fantasías y Variaciones Maestros Holandeses; Ejemplos de Ornamentación del Renacimiento; Formas Instrumentales del Renacimiento.

Mario Videla was awarded with most prestigious prizes such as the Konex Silver Prize in 1989 and, the German Classical Music Cross in 2003, and the Gratia Artis Prize by the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de Argentina. In 2006 and 2008 he was invited to join the jury in Harpsichord and Organ at the International Bach Competitions in Leipzig.

Source: Mostly Spanish Wikipedia, English translation by Teddy Kaufman (January 2007); The Artist (December 2010)
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Teddy Kaufman (January 2007); Mario Videla (December 2010)

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