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Jeff Vidov (Piano, Composer, Arranger)

Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian composer and pianist, Jeff Vidov, received his B.M in music at the Eastman School of Music and his M.M at the Manhattan School of Music. While studying as a scholarship student at these two prestigious institutes, he worked with Pulitzer Prize winning composers Christopher Rouse and Joseph Schwantner, as well as eminent composers Samuel Adler, Warren Benson, Richard Danielpour and Robert Morris.

Jeff Vidov first attracted attention by winning the SOCAN Composerís Award for his first orchestral work Awaken in 1994. With the release of his independent double CD in 1998, and his 4-CD classical set entitled ďArise, for there are four paths to truthĒ in 2006, Vidov is poised to make a major breakthrough in the classical/jazz world as a formidable pianist and composer. With more than forty performances of his classical compositions throughout the USA. and Canada and an upcoming tour to promote his new CD, Vidov will solidly expand his audience and rapport with new music ensembles around the world.

Jeff Vidovís output as a composer is extensive, including orchestral, chamber, and numerous solo and duo works, many of which are recorded on his 4-CD set ďArise, for there are 4 paths to truthĒ. With musical talents and interests ranging from jazz/classical piano, big band music, rock/pop music, world music, church organ, film scoring and audio/video engineering and producing, Vidovís versatility has appealed to numerous audiences. Among the pieces in his piano repertoire are L.v. Beethovenís five piano concertos, Mozartís 12th, 13th, 16th, 21st, 23rd and 26th concertos and Johannes Brahmsí first concerto. Vidovís abilities as an improviser in many styles can be heard on his new CD, in both solo piano works, and church organ music.

In the last two years, Jeff Vidov has completed the film scores to twelve films, including three features, at his recording studio, H.of.C Recording Studios. He has also done the music for the television magazine shows Spy Games and Sports Compact TV. Vidovís abilities as a recording engineer of his own works have allowed him to record classical groups in the Toronto area and he looks forward to producing and recording more classical groups around the world. Vidov is presently at work on a 2-CD rock opera/concept CD mixing influences from Pink Floyd, Dream Theatre, and the Beatles.

Source: Jeff Vidov Website
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Aryeh Oron (April 2012)

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