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Vox Luminis (Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble)

Born: 2004 - Namur, Belgium

Vox Luminis, founded in 2004 in Namur, Belgium, is an ensemble specialising in the performance of 16th – 18th century vocal music.

The ensemble has been praised for its seamless blend of high quality individual voices, exquisite tuning and clarity of sound. Critics have also commented on the ensemble’s enthusiasm in sharing its passion for early music with an audience. The majority of the group met at one of the most significant centers for early music in Europe: the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Vox Luminis has performed in festivals and venues in Belgium (Nuits de Septembre de Liège, festival de Stavelot, Juillet Musical de Saint-Hubert, Automne Musical de Spa, MA festival Bruges, festival van Vlanderen Gent, Laus Polifoniae Antwerpen, festival des midi-Minimes, Eté Musical de Roisin, Société Philharmonique de Namur…); France (festival d’Ambronay, festival de Saintes, Rencontres Musicales de Vézelay, festival de Saint-Michel en Thiérarche, Midsummer festival d'Hardelot, festival Contrepoint 62, Festival Musique et Mémoire de Luxeuil, Musique et Natures en Bauges, Festival Bach-en-Combrailles…); Germany (Ratinger Bachtage, Muziekfest Stuttgart); The Netherlands (Oude Muziek Utrecht, Den Haag, Delft); Portugal (Centro Cultural Bélem-Lisbon) and Croatia (Varazdin Baroque Evenings).

Vox Luminis records exclusively for the Belgian Label Ricercar. The ensemble’s first CD, released at the end of 2007, features four vocal works by Domenico Scarlatti, including his famous 10-part Stabat Mater. In May 2010 the ensemble released its second album, Samuel Scheidt: Sacrae Cantiones, which features several world premieres. Vox Luminis’ most recent CD, released in June 2012, created a buzz with an interpretation of Heinrich SchützMusicalische Exequien. This recording has received several prestigious awards such as the Gramophone ‘Recording of the Year’, the ‘Baroque Vocal Gramophone Award’ and the ‘International Classical Music Award’. Other recordings have also received many awards throughout the world including, Gramophone’s ‘Editor’s Choice’, Diapason d’Or, Choc de Classica, Muse d’Or Baroque, Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik, Joker de Crescendo and Prix Caecilia.

The Artistic Director of Vox Luminis is Lionel Meunier. The ensemble is supported by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the City of Namur.

Members of Vox Luminis:





Ulrike Barth
Annelies Brants
Armelle Cardot Froeliger
Marie-Frédérique Girod
Sara Jäggi
Zsuzsi Tóth
Stefanie True
Maria Valdmaa
Caroline Weynants
Kristen Witmer

Paulin Bündgen
Helen Cassano
Victoria Cassano
Daniel Elgersma
Barnabás Hegyi
Jan Kullmann
Kerlijne Van Nevel
Bart Uvyn

Robert Buckland
Philippe Froeliger
Tomáš Lajtkep
Reinoud Van Mechelen
Satoshi Mizukosh

Olivier Berten
Bertrand Delvaux
Achim Hoffmann
Tomáš Král
Matthias Lutze
Lionel Meunier
Sebastian Myrus
Marc Pantus


Violins: Cecilia Bernardini, Johanes Frisch, Jacek Kurzydlo
Violas: Johanes Frisch, Nadine Henrichs, Antina Hugosson
Violas da gamba: Ricardo Rodríguez Miranda, Mieneke Van Der Velden
Cello: Emily Robinson
Recorders: Lionel Meunier, Benny Aghassi
Oboe: Jasu Moisio
Bassoons: Benny Aghassi, Anaïs Ramage
Slide Trumpet: Rudolf Lörinc
Organ: Bart Jacobs, Masato Suzuki

Source: Vox Luminis Website, Photos 01-09: Ola Renska
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (March 2015. June 2016, November 2016)

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