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Sietse van Wijgerden (Conductor, Organ)

Born: 1965 - Gorinchem, the Nertherlands-

The Dutch organist, conductor and teacher, Sietse van Wijgerden, studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Bernard Winsemius. He also graduated as a church musician with Barend Schuurman in Rotterdam, and as a musicologist at the University of Utrecht. He also studied piano and harpsichord at the Rotterdam Conservatory, including extensive Baroque interpretation with David Colleyer. He studied choral conducting in various music classes, including with Jos van Veldhoven, Wiecher Mandemaker and Louis Buskens. He attended the conducting of Thomas Kurth. He has extensive experience with continuo playing, harpsichord / organ figured bass. He also received minor singing lessons during his church music direction studies, and singing lessons with Joost van de Linden. He studied flute professionally with Fransje de Visser. Sietse participated twice in the International Summer Academy for Organists in Haarlem, where he studied with Ewald Kooiman, Anders Bondeman, Jean-Claude Zehnder, Harald Vogel, Klaas Bolt and Ton Koopman. He took improvisation classes with Arie Keijzer, Kees van Eersel and Bert Matter. He participated in several organ competitions ( improvisation and interpretation) where he was the first prize winner in Leiden, and several times also ended up in the Final Round.

Sietse van Wijgerden is one of the organists of the Ontmoetingskerk in Sleeuwijk. Working with singers is one of his main musical activities, which he is engaged in a broad repertoire. In addition, Sietse active as a concert organist. His is director of Fiori Musiocali and Projectkoor 'Vinea Mea'. He has performed with choir works from the Te Deum by Arvo Pärt to the Mass in B minor (BWV 232) by J.S. Bach. As a prize-winner for contemporary music with Fiori-Musicali they sang in the music hall IJ in Amsterdam works by Fr. Martin, E. Withacre and L. Samama.Notable projects included the performances of all the organ works of J.S. Bach and César Franck.

Sietse van Wijgerden is known as a talented musician full of ideas, which he always looked beyond the organ bench. He is characterized by enthusiasm, inspiration and passion for his profession, and has many projects in his career. As the concert series ' riplum' on Goeree Overflakkee, where many professional musicians and ensembles participated. And singing Bach chorales in the series 'Oog in oog met Bach' (Face to face with Bach) after church services in Renesse, in which enthusiastic congregation always participated. Or the cantata series in the tower of Goedereede, cantata and services in Dirksland, with guidance from professional Baroque musicians. He has also organized twice a Bach-day, in which he performed works by J.S. Bach, both for organ, as with other ensemble programmes.

Sietse van Wijgerden was founder and conductor for five years of the Schouws Kamerkoor, and since 2003 director of the Christelijk Kamerkoor Fiori Musicali. He sings regularly in smaller ensemble, or in semi-professional choirs in the Netherlands.

Source: Sietse van Wijgerden Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (November 2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2013)

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