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Tone Wik (Soprano)
Solo Recordings

Bellezza Crudel

Album title:

Bellezza Crudel


Tone Wik, soprano
Barokkanerne (period instruments)
Per Hannisdal, bassoon
Alexandra Opsahl, recorder

Catalogue #


EAN13 (Europe):




Disc 1:

Hybrid SACD
Stereo DSD

Release date:

November 2008

Recording date:

February and April 2008


Jar Church, Oslo, Norway

Original source

DXD (352.8kHz/24bit)

18th century Venice; where Hollywood meets Las Vegas; where the jet-set of Europe could conceal their identities behind masks and hurl themselves into the fake world of commedia dell'arte. Bellezza Crudel is a small selection of delightful cantatas and concertos. Vivaldi's world is one of heartfelt, musical intensity, confirming the Venetians' adoration of theatrical beauty.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Cantate RV 679, 660, 664, 678 / Concerti RV 484, 441


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Tone Wik: Dolcissimo sospiro


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Tone Wik’s 'Dolcissimo sospiro'.
Listen to and download Tone Wik’s 'Dolcissimo sospiro'

'Dolcissimo sospiro' is Norwegian soprano Tone Wik’s solo debut on record. On it she interprets works by Caccini, Monteverdi, d’India, Merula and Ford, all of which musically belong to the same epoch, despite the four centuries that separate the contemporary Ford from Caccini. Dolcissimo sospiro focuses on the style that was developed by some of these composers –as well as by others- in the late fifteen- and early sixteen hundreds. This style emphasised the vocal elements in the music in an entirely new way and gave the human voice an unprecedented autonomy and precedence. The vocal was, and is, used in its full instrumentality and the technique required is one of utmost clarity and precision. As such it matches Tone Wik’s voice perfectly. The Norwegian soprano has from an early stage cultivated these aspects of her voice, and thus she has positioned herself firmly in the musical landscape of the baroque. She has worked and performed with a panoply of renowned orchestras and conductors across Europe and America, and received due acclaim for her magnificent voice; its crystalline beauty and ethereal expressivity.


Source: The Artist (August 2009, September 2010); Music Information Centre Norway
Contributed by
Tone Wik (August-September 2009, September 2010)

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