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Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Choir (Choir)

Founded: Yorkminster Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yorkminster Park is the largest Baptist church in Canada (= YPBC). Its choral repertoire is taken from the English tradition accompanied by an excellent Casavant Freres organ built in 1928. Since its building, the church established a custom of ordered worship in which preaching takes place within the context of fine music. This requires a large choir of competence and dedication, as the weekly programme includes two services on Sundays, Thursday rehearsals and extra choral events. Choir members are attracted by the regularly maintained standard offlne church music and a constant condition ofchailenge and sustained growth.The 65-voice choir, made up of professional and amateur singers, is renowned in Canada for its English cathedral musical tradition. Among them are soloists and sectton leaders, but the majority are volunteers who have been recnrited from the congregation.The organ boasts 5670 pipes and is one of the finest in Canada.

Catherine M. Palmer was appointed as Director of Music at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto, in 1970. During the past 25 years, she has maintained the Church's strong musical and litugital tradition, and has led the Choir in the learning and performance of a wide range of music, including many of the great masterpieces. The annual Carols by Candlelight service enjoys a wide reputation for musical excellence. Special choral events during her tenure include performances of the B Minor Mass (BWV 232), St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244) and St. John Passion (BWV 245) by J.S. Bach and Felix Mendelssohn's Elijah. In 1990 the choir went on tour to England, where it was tarponrlble for thlly and Sunday services at three cathedrals - Wells, Ely, and Durham.

In 1996, William Maddox succeeded his teacher, Catherine M. Palmer, as Organist and Director of Music of the Church. Under his direction the choir enjoys a reputation as one of the best congregational choirs in the city of Toronto. The choir has recorded a number of collections of hymns and religious music that are available commercially.

Source: Marquis Music Website; Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Website; Liner notes to the album "The Joy of God" (Marquis Classics, 1994)
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Aryeh Oron (August 2006, May 2016)

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