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Federico Zandonà (Tenor)

Born: August 24, 1968 - Vicenza, Italy

The Italian tenor, composer, pianist, organist, choral conductor and music pedagogue, Federico Zandonà, studied at Liceo Scientifico G. B. Quadri in Vicenza (Class of 1987). He graduated from the Conservatorio Pedrollo Vicenza in Piano (1990), Musical Composition (1991), Electronic Music (2007), as well as in Choral Music and Choir Conducting.

Federico Zandonà is active as a composer, arranger and orchestrator, and as a concert pianist, organist, choir director and soloist in vocal chamber ensembles.

Among Federico Zandonà's main original works:
Paschale Mysterium, for a choir of eight voices and soloists, premiered in Vicenza in March 1994;
Aforismi, for flute & Piano, performed in the first yime by Davide Formisano e Andrea Carcano;
Alio modo, for 8 trumpets, trombone, kettledrum and organ, performed at the Basilica dei Frari in Venice at the International Early Music Festival (Included in the CD of the same name Velut Luna);
Salix, for harp, performed at the International Festival of Graz (Austria);
Quatuor, for four guitars (present in the CD "Concordia");
Meditazione, for ensemble of brass and organ, performed at the opening of the III International Biblical Festival of Vicenza;
Quaedam… illa!, for violin, viola, cello, clarinet and piano;
Le Poison, for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin and piano;
Archalia, for string quartet;
Vox clara, for soprano and ensemble,
as well as numerous works for chorus.
In 2004 and 2005, he composed, in collaboration with Federico Pelle, orchestrated and directed the music for ballet Solitude e Principi e princìpi,, represented by the New York Theatre Ballet in Washington (USA), Islamabad (Pakistan), Savona and Vicenza.

Federico Zandonà conducts outreach activities through listening courses, also composed for compulsory education and works as a composer, arranger and conductor of registration, with some record companies for audiovisual productions. He is the winner of two regular competitions for the teaching of "Harmony and Counterpoint" and "General Music Culture". Since 1999 he teaches at the Conservatorio Statale “E.F. Dall’Abaco” i Verona, holding the chair of Composition.

Source: Verona Accademia per l'Opera Italiana EWebsite, English translation by Aryeh Oron (September 2016); Federico Zandonà profile on Facebook
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2016)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Michael Radulescu


Member of Il Teatro Armonico:
C-2 (2003):
BWV 29, BWV 193, BWV 228-230
C-3 (2004):
BWV 12, BWV 71, BWV 106, BWV 137

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