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Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML)
Bach Recordings Mailing List (BCML)
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Guidelines for Discussions

The Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML), the Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML) and the Bach Musicology Mailing List (BMML), are 3 sister Bach Mailing List (ML).


A. The subject should relate to J.S. Bach:
- BCML is mostly dedicated to discussions of Bach Cantatas & Bach’s other vocal works.
- BRML is mostly dedicated to discussions of Bach’s non-vocal works.
- BMML is mostly dedicated to discussinons of music theory and musicological issues related to J.S. Bach
- General topics can be discussed in all 3 ML.

B. Keep the subject-line short and reflecting the topic of the message. If the topic is changing during the discussion, please change the subject line to reflect the new topic and write in brackets the old one.

C. If your message is relating to a previous message, please copy into your message only the relevant paragraph(s). Please do not copy the whole message you are answering to.

D. If you are a new member, you are invited to send a message titled 'Introducing Myself', in which you tell the members of the ML something about your background and how you got acquainted with Bach's music.

E. If a message is of interest to the ML, send it to the ML. If your message is intended for one person, mail that person privately. Do not use the ML to chat with one person.

F. Personal attacks or insulting are not allowed.

G. Do not tell the other members of the ML what to do or how to behave.

H. Sending junk mail either through the ML or to the private e-mails of the members is totally forbidden.

I. If you have been personally hurt, offended or otherwise felt inappropriately treated, respond privately to the member in question, off-list, and tell him/her so.

A Note About List Enforcement:
You will be warned publicly or privately for inappropriate behavior as outlined above. Subsequent violations will result in your being put on moderated status, then unsubscribed from the list and banned from rejoining.


Aryeh Oron
WebMaster of Bach Cantatas Website
WebMaster of Original Abu-Gosh Music Festival Website
RingMaster of J.S. Bach Web Ring
Moderator of Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML)
Moderator of Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML)
Moderator of Bach Musicology Mailing List (BMML)
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