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Roberto Carnevale (Composer, Arranger, Piano)

Born: June 15, 1966 - Italy

The Italian pianist, composer and conductor, Roberto Carnevale, studied under Roberto Bianco (Piano), Angela Giuffrida and Franco Donatoni (Composition), Salvatore Enrico Failla (Musicology), Ferdinand Leitner (Conducting). He obtained Diploma in the piano and he took a Degree in Arts at the Catania University. He attended the Accademia Musicale Chigiana summer courses.

Editor of musicological series for Neopoiesis publishing, in 1996 Roberto Carnevale was the editor of CD Classica and Orfeo - Il mensile di musica barocca magazines. In 1994 he was appointed Professor of History of Music at the Catania Musical Institute “Vincenzo Bellini”. In 2001 was appointed Assistant Headmaster at the Catania Musical Institute “V. Bellini”, and in 2003 Headmaster at the CEU. In 2004 he was appointed Professor of History and Aesthetics of Music and History and Analysis at the Catania Musical Institute “V. Bellini”.

Roberto Carnevale composed about 200 works played all over the world [Accademia Musicale Chigiana (Siena), Teatro “La Fenice” (Venice), Foerstr Hall (Prague), Aula Magna Università “Bocconi” (Milan), Teatro Nazionale (Vilnius), A. Rubinstein Hall, Casa de Las Américas (L'Avana), Teatro Massimo (Palermo), Festival Internazionale (Birzai), The Tower Tavern (London), “Gaudeamus” Contemporary Music Center (Amsterdam), Amici della Musica (Palermo), Amici della Musica (Agrigento), Amici della Musica (Pistoia), Amici del Quartetto (Grosseto), Teatro “Carlo Felice” (Genova), Auditorium “Colbe” (Varese), Associazione Musicale Etnea (Catania), Orestiadi (Gibellina), Luglio Musicale Trapanese, Filarmonica Laudamo (Messina), Accademia Filarmonica (Messina), Chiostro del Bramante (Roma), Teatro Greco (Siracusa), Aula Magna Università Statale (Lecce), “Siculorum Gymnasii Musica” Catania University, RAI RadioTelevisioneItaliana (Naples), etc.].

Roberto Carnevale has worked together with prestigious musicians and orchestras, such as Aldo Clementi, Franco Donatoni, Benigni, Alfred Brendel, Petrassi, Milella, Menotti, Pennisi, Maurizio Pollini, Nino Sanzogno, Antonelli, Sollima, Betta, Battista, Risaliti, Bennici, Beths, Guittart, Magnanensi, Schweitzer, Logos Ensemble, Ensemble Octandre, L'Offerta Musicale Ensemble, Soloists of “Santa Cecilia Academy”, Soloists of “Teatro La Fenice”, Soloists of ORT, London Chamber Group, Ensemble Foriani, Ensemble Belliniano, West Chester University Orchestra, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Filarmonica of Ploesti, Orchestra di Stato di Vilnius, etc.

His works are published by LIM, Suvini-Zerboni, Nuove Edizioni Neopoiesis, Maimone Editore, CULC and has recorded for Carrara (Bergamo), Pongo Records (Paris), Suvini-Zerboni (Milan), CIMS (Palermo), Pagano (Naples), Union-Records (New York), NEN-CD Classica (Florence), etc. In 1988 Roberto Carnevale was awarded the international prize “Council of Europe” (Rome).

Source: Andrea Ferrante (Italy, May 2007)
Contributed by
Andrea Ferrante (Mayl 2007)

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