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Jacob Maurice Cooepersmith (Composer, Arranger)

Born: November 20, 1903 - New York City, New York, USA
Died: May 1968 - New York City, New York, USA

The American composer, songwriter, organist, conductor, musicologist and music librarian, Jacob Maurice Coopersmith (known as J.M. Coopersmith), studied at New York University (BS), Columbia University (MA), and Harvard University (PhD.). He also studied organ with Samuel Baldwin and A.N. Richardson. He was awarded grants through the Schepp Foundation, and the Harvard, John Paine, Charles Ditson and the Juilliard Foundations.

J.M. Coopersmith worked for a recording company from 1919 to 1929, and was an executive with the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1934 to 1946. He was a guest professor of musicology at the University of Texas in 1947-1948, and a professor of music and the conductor of the symphony orchestra at the University of Oklahoma in 1948-1949. He then became the senior Music Cataloguer and Reviser in the Descriptive Cataloguing Division of the Library of Congress, and has compiled a thematic index of the complete works of George Frideric Handel. He wrote the song "A Navajo Lullaby". Joining ASCAP in 1943, his other popular-song compositions include "I Always Knew" and "Tropical Serenade".

The Dominican Republic honored J.M. Coopersmith with the Order of San Pablo for his survey of native music.


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