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Helmut Fackler (Composer)

Born: February 23, 1940 - Memmingen/Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany

The German composer, Helmut Fackler, received early instructions in violin, violoncello, piano and organ. He later studied music and engineering in Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Bonn (Gemany). Since 1963 he worked as sound engineer and sound director on the radio station of Saarbrücken. Since 1994 he is director of the music department of television.

Helmut Fackler is founder and harpsichordist of the Barockquintetts des Saarländischen Rundfunks (Barock Quintett of Radio Saarbrücken). For 6 years he was conductor of the Saarländischen Zupforchesters (Saarland Plucked Orchestra).

His most important compositions are for organ, chamber music for woodwind and brass, choir, Jugend musiziert (youth makes music), music for plucked ensembles; music for radio drama and television shows. He has received several awards for his compositions.

Currently Helmut Fackler  works as a music author and journalist.


Colori Fünf Sätze for mandolin orchestra
Concerto breve
Fatterelle di danza for oboe & mandolin orchestra
Introduktion und Rondo giocoso for oboe & mandolin orchestra
Konzert for 2 mandolines, mandola & mandolin orchestra
Stereophonie for 3 groups (winds, percussion, mandolin orchestra)
Variationen for oboe & mandolin orchestra
Suite in e-Moll (1066)
Nordische Suite (1965)
Passacaglia piccola (1965)
Sweelinck-Fantasie (1965)
Musica da Ballo (1970)
„Studie 71“ (1971)

Roman Hoffstetter: Quartett F-Dur
Georg Philipp Telemann: Orchestersuite G-Dur

Guitar Ensemble:
Kleine Suite nach nordischen Volksweisen for guitar ensemble
Per sonare for guitar quartet
Studie for 3 guitars
Suite antique for guitar ensemble
Suite antique for solo guitar

Source: Hamburger Mandolinen Orchester Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (April 2013); The Artist (January-February 2014)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2013); Helmut Fackler (January-February 2014)

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