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Eugenio Fels (Composer, Arranger)

Born: Italy

The Italian pianist and composer, Eugenio Fels, of French origin, has started his piano studies at the age of 4 years under the tutorship of his father. He attended the musical school of the English pianist A. Webb-James, piano Concertist and Docente at the Consrvatorio di Buenos Aires, then after he studied with B. Cesi. the well-known Napoletean musicologist. Additional tutors of Eugenio Fels were Sergio Fiorentino (piano), A. Di Martino (composition) and, C. Pagliuka (Chorale music and choir conduction).

Eugenio Fels' repertory as a pianist, is quite extensive including over 100 compositions from the 16th century such as Frecobaldi and Galilei - to contemporary such as Luciano Berio and Ligeti, as well as jazz, rock music, composed by Brubeck, Corea, Wakeman and Sakamoto.

Eugenio Fels' intense musical activity was appreciated in Italy as well as in Europe, featuring in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Bonn, Hannover, Milan, Naples and Rome. His performances are regarded as very expressive and appasionate.As a prolific and talented composer, his compositions have been executed at numerous prestigious festivals such as The 5th International Kunstforum (Berlin, 1997), The International Music Connection (Paris, 1984), for the CEE (Brussels;1987, 1988, 1991), at Hannover (1999), at the 9th Babylon Festival (Baghdad, 1997). In addition, his compositions were performed at numerous festivals of Contemporary Music such as the "Incontri Nazionali della Nuova Musica", (Naples -Villa Pignatelli, 1982) ; "Incontri di Musica Contemporanea" (Sorrento, 1985); "Incontri con la Musica Contemporanea" (Ravello, 1995); "Musica Millemondi 97" (Naples, 1997); "Piani di riflessioni", (Naples, Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella, 1997); "Musical Networks", (Naples, 1997); "Musica Millemondi '98", (Naples, 1998); "Off Limits", (Naples, 1998); "Canto dell'Avorio", (Naples, 1999); "1799-1999 Concerti nella Rivoluzione", (Palazzo Marigliano, and the Villa Campolieto, 1999); "Frammenti del 900", (the University of Naples 2000); and, "Angeli Musicanti 2000", (Naples - Palazzo Fuga, 2000).

The versality and outstanding skills of Eugenio Fels extended also stage music. In association with U. Fanina he launched the following plays: Erik Satie for piano, recitative voice (Naples, 1980); and the Satie-Opera for piano and two actors (Berlin 1986). In 1993 he composed music for the plays Lustatio ad Iter Averni and the Grotte della Sibilla, and in 1994 music for the movie Fade Out. Together with E. Grieco and S. D'Aguanno he composed the Alkemia, performed in 1995 at the Istituto della Comunicazioni Visive in Naples.

Eugenio Fels composed a concert for piano and orchestra; a concert for cello and orchestra; Vocalise for soprano and six instruments: Sonate for 2 pianos; Hommage to Bartók for 2 pianos; Aztlàn for trumpet, trombone and piano; Ixtlàn for clarinet and piano; Vocalise for clarinet and piano; Improvisation for flute and piano; Harzlied for viola and piano; Vocalise for violin and piano; Intermezzo for guitar; Vocalise for soprano and piano; Improvisation for cello and piano; El Canto quiere ser luz for tenor and piano; Vocalise for cello and piano; Improvisation for contrabass and piano; a Toccata for organ; Vocalise for saxophone soprano and piano. For piano solo, he composed: Vent qui chante, vent qui danse Sonata, Adagio e Allegro, Notturno, Antica Monodia, Atitlàn, Preludio dorico, Canto notturno, In Take-five time, Arabesques, Hatra, Danse féerique, Allegro Appassionato. In addition he transcribed for piano numerous musical works of J.S. Bach, Georg Frideric Handel, Sergei Rachmaninov, Paderewsky, Wakeman, Sakamoto, Caccini, some of them also transcribed for flute, clarinet and piano, for soprano and piano and, for violin and piano.

For the RAI, Eugenio Fels recorded 3 CDs: Alkemia, Konfusion and Border Music.

Eugenio Fels is the Titolare of the Cathedra for Piano at the Conservatorio "D. Cimarosa" in Avellino. He is also the Musical and Artistic Director of the "Associazione culturale F.Liszt" and founded with G. De Simone the "Konsequenz Music Project" designed to promote contemporary Italian and other European young composer.


Source: ConSequenz Website, English translation by Teddy Kaufman (July 2007)
Contributed by
Teddy Kaufman (July 2007)

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