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Roger Vuataz (Composer, Arranger)

Born: January 4, 1898 - Geneva, Switzerland
Died: August 2, 1988 - Chene-Bougeries, Switzerland

The distinguished Swiss organist, conductor, broadcasting administrator, and composer; Roger Vuataz, studied at the Collège Calvin and pursued musical training at the Academy of Music and at the Conservatory in Geneva, his principal mentors being Delaye, Mottu, and Otto Barblan. He later studied with Ondes Martenot in Paris (diploma, 1931) and attended the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva (rhythm dipoloma, 1936).

Roger Vuataz's career was centered on Geneva, where he served as an organist of the Protestant Reformed Church from 1917 to 1978. He was founder-director of the Cathedral Choir (1940-1960). From 1944 to 1964 he was head of the music department of Radio Geneva. From 1961 to 1971 he taught at the Geneva Conservatory. He was president of the International Music Competition from 1962 to 1969, and also of the Viñes singing competition in Barcelona from 1963 to 1978. In 1967 he was awarded the music prize of the City of Geneva. In 1975 the Association of Swiss Musicians gave him its composer's prize.

Roger Vuataz's music was well crafted and displayed the influence of the Protestant Reformed tradition in his sacred scores.


Le Rhône, ballet (929)
Poème méditerranéen pour un ballet (1938-1950)
Monsieur Jabot, opera-buffa (1957; Geneva, November 28, 1958)
Solitude, ballet (1962)
L'Esprit du Mal, lyric drama (1967)
Cora, Amour et Mori, lyric tragedy (1978-1980)
radiophonic pieces
film music

Triptyque (1929-1942)
Petit Conceri for Small Orchestra (1932)
Deuxième Suite sur des Thèmes populaires for Strings (1937)
Images de Grèce, symphony (1938)
Nocturne heroïque for Trumpet and Orchestra (1940; also for Trumpet and Piano)
Impromptu for Saxophone and Orchestra (1941; also for Saxophone and Piano)
Promenade et Poursuite for Bassoon and Orchestra (1943; also for Bassoon and Piano)
Epopée antique, 2 suites (1947, 1951)
Violin Concerto (1948)
Cinq Estampes genevoises (1959)
Ouverture pour Phèdre (1959)
Piano Concerto (1963-1964)
Harp Concerto, Fantaisies I-III (1972)
Les Tragiques, symphony for Reciter and Orchestra (1974-1975)
Cello Concerto, Images poétiques et pathétiques (1977)

Cello Sonata (1928)
2 suites for Ondes Martenot (1930)
Violin Sonatina (1933-1934)
Musique for Wind Quintet (1935-65)
Nocturne et Danse for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1940)
Nocturne heroïque for Trumpet and Piano (1940; also for Trumpet and Orchestra)
Impromptu for Saxophone and Piano (1941; also for Saxophone and Orchestra)
Promenade et poursuite for Bassoon and Piano (1943; also for Bassoon and Orchestra)
Frivolités for Sextet (1952)
Incantation for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1953)
Flute Sonata (1954-1957)
Destin for Saxophone, Harp, and Percussion (1954-1979)
Thrène for Horn and Piano (1960)
Ballade for Viola and Piano (1960)
String Quartet (1966-1970)
Quatre Conversations avec Bach for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, and Clarinet (1966-1983)
Plaintes et Ramages for Oboe and Piano (1971)
Nocturnes I-III for Cello (1974)
Élégie et Danse for Flute (1978)
Méditation sur BACH for Violin (1985)

2 sonatas (Sonate française, 1937; Variations-Sonate, 1956-1959, revised 1978)
Rhapsodie sur trois thèmes grecs for 2 Pianos (1937-1959)
Trois Sonatines (1962-1963)

Huit Poèmes.d'Orient for Soprano and Orchestra or Piano (1922-66)
La Flôte ae Roseau, motet for Children's, Women's, and Men's Choruses (1937)
Genève ouverte au ciel for Tenor, Narrator, Children's, Men's, and Women's Choruses, and Orchestra (1940-1941)
Grande Liturgie for Men's Chorus (1943)
Quatre Rondeaux de Charles d'Orleans for Soprano and Orchestra or Piano (1944-1961)
Le Temps de vivre for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1944-1966)
Jésus, oratorio for Vocal Quintet, Narrator, Double Men's Chorus, and Orchestra (1949-1950)
Cantate de Psaumes for Men's Chorus and 21 Instruments (1954)
Motet poétique for Men's Chorus (1974)
Huit Villanelles for Soprano, Baritone, and Piano (1982)
Sechs Lieder for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1983)

Source: Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians (1997); Roger Vuataz Website (Photos)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2009)

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