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Say It Isn't So!








Film: Mar 2001 (USA)
DVD: Aug 2001; Dec 2006 (2-DVD, 3-DVD)
VHS: Aug 2001; Jan 2002; Jun 2002


James B. Rogers


Peter Gaulke; Gerry Swallow


Chris Klein (Gilbert Noble); Heather Graham (Josephine Wingfield); Orlando Jones (Dig McCaffrey); Sally Field (Valdine Wingfield); Richard Jenkins (Walter Wingfield); John Rothman (Larry Falwell); Jack Plotnick (Leon Pitofsky); Eddie Cibrian (Jack Mitchelson); Mark Pellegrino (Jimmy Mitchelson); Brent Hinkley (Streak); Henry Cho (Freddy); Richard Riehle (Sheriff Merle Hobbs); Brent Briscoe (Detective Vic Vetter); Ezra Buzzington (Stewart); Julie White (Ruthie Falwell)


A young bachelor finds the love of his life but mistakenly believes her to be his sister.

Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister. After they break up he discovers he's not related and travels across the country to stop her impending wedding. Unfortunately the entire nation has heard the same story and thinks he's just after incestuous thrills. (Anonymous)

Good-hearted would-be veterinarian Gilbert 'Gilly' Noble, an orphan who works at the animal shelter in Shelbyville, Indiana, starts falling for walking disaster Josephine 'Jo' Wingfield, who even cuts his ear while doing his hair in the salon. After six months, they are ready for marriage; just then P.I. Vic Vetter, whom Gilly hired but believed hopelessly inefficient, reports that his mother is Valdine- Jo's too, end she takes terribly bad care of her multiply handicapped dad Walter! Another sixteen months later, Gilly lives at her place and Jo, who moved to Oregon, is about to marry a good catch, Jack Mitchelson; then a certain Leon Pitofsky turns up and proves to be Valdine's son. Gilly is an orphan again, but his love no longer incestuous, so he drives across the country, and in Colorado literally bumps into pilot 'Big Dig' McCaffrey, leg-less black scum. Valdine calls ahead to the Beaver PD to report Gilly as a 'sister-abuser' and to Jo pretending Gilly believes his "imaginary friend" Leo is her brother, while telling Leon to lay low. After deputy Gina informs groom Jack, who cheats on his bride already, he instructs his ex-con relative Jimmy Mitchelson to scare and rough up 'security risk' Gilly, who wakes up in a plane to Puerto Vallarta, lifts all the way back and sees he's wanted, Dig his only ally against the local magnate who deals in - marijuana ... (KGF Vissers)

Say It Isn't So is touted as being from the Farelly brothers, who wrote and directed the movies Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, and There's Something About Mary. And though they didn't write or direct this movie, it certainly has the same elements: charming lead actors (in this case, Heather Graham from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Chris Klein from Election and American Pie) put through all sorts of comic grotesqueries, ranging from having an ear cut off to getting a hand stuck up a cow's rectum. Orphaned dogcatcher Gilly (Klein) and incompetent hairdresser Jo (Graham) fall in love, only to discover that Gilly's long-lost mother is Jo's own white trash momma (played with gusto by Sally Field). Unfortunately, they'd already slept together, so Jo flees in shame to go back to her ex-boyfriend in Beaver, Oregon. But when Jo's real brother shows up, Gilly sets out to win Jo back--only her mom wants her to marry the ex and tells the Beaver police that Gilly is a sexual predator. Say It Isn't So doesn't have the crude wit of There's Something About Mary, but there are several laugh-out-loud moments, and both Graham and Klein are sweet and engaging. Orlando Jones has a zestful turn as a legless seaplane pilot. (Bret Fetzer,

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy discovers girl may be his sister. (Boy, this could be trouble.) To make matters worse, by the time he discovers "it isn't so," he has precious little time to stop the woman of his dreams from marrying another man. It's shameless romantic comedy at its finest produced by the twisted minds behind There's Something About Mary and Me Myself & Irene! (

Heather Graham, of the unblinking eyes and curtained blond tresses, and Chris Klein, whose innocence was inviolate in "Election" and "American Pie," get caught in a slapped-together Farrelly brothers derivative. The gross-out brothers' protégé J. B. Rogers directed it; they produced. At one point, Klein gets his hand stuck up the rear of a cow, a situation that pretty much parallels that of the audience. (David Denby, Copyright © 2006 The New Yorker)




95 min (Film, DVD) / 93 min (Germany) / 110 min (VHS) 213 min (2-DVD) / 298 min (3-DVD)

J.S. Bach's Music:

"Sleepers Awake", arranged by George Wilson
Courtesy of Associated Production Music


Film: Color (DeLuxe), DTS / Dolby Digital
DVD: See below.
VHS: See below.


Film: Conundrum Entertainment; Say It Isn't So Productions; Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
DVD: 20th Century Fox
VHS: 20th Century Fox


2-DVD Set includes: Say It Isn't So / Stuck on You
3-DVD Set includes: Kiss and Tell 3 Pack (Never Been Kissed / Say It Isn't So / Just Married)

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Contributor: Aryeh Oron (November 2007)

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