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James Bowman (Counter-tenor)

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See: James Bowman – Short Biography

James Bowman

Jill Gunsell
wrote (July 5, 2001):
James Bowman is overdue for a knighthood IMHO. I think we should formally propose him to the UK Government this year, his 60th year. (BTW James' 60th Birthday is being celebrated with a concert on 31st December 2001 at Wigmore Hall, London)

If you want to be one of those who nominate him, you can use the papers attached to this message: (Word documents) the Official Nomination Form and the Guidance Notes on how to nominate someone for a United Kingdon Honour.

For the benefit of non-UK friends here for whom all this is a mystery ...

A knighthood (by which he would become Sir James Bowman -- Sir James for short, not Sir Bowman) is awarded in the name of -- and normally presented personally by -- the Queen, on behalf of the nation, at an Investiture Ceremony in Buckingham Palace. It is one of the highest public honours the UK can confer, despite the award of knighthoods to certain lowlifes who shall remain namelss <grrr> <gnash> <hold me back> (Please, I beg you, do NOT write to me about the knighthoods given to politicians, pop moguls, polluters et al ... thanks. Please also do not write to me if you disapprove of this sort of thing. We all have our opinions.)

Knighthoods are usually awarded only (in batches) twice a year: at New Year and on the Queen's Birthday (June). It normally takes 18 months or so to get an award made, but maybe since James is 60 this year, they can rush it through if we make enough noise. I shouldn't think we will be alone in this - the music pros may be doing this already (if anyone should, Robert King should!) -- but every little helps.

This is the outline of what to do. You need two supporting letters to go with your form, i.e. three people need to get involved in your form. If you want to nominate someone for a United Kingdom honour, you should print off the form, complete it as fully as possible and send it (with the required letters of support) to:

The Nominations Unit,
Ceremonial Secretariat,
Cabinet Office,
Ashley House,
2 Monck Street,
The form and attachments may alternatively be faxed to the Unit on +44.20.7276 2766. It should not be e-mailed as they require a personally signed copy of the form and the information contained is confidential.
Enquiries can be sent to
More information at

Jill Gunsell wrote (July 12, 2001):
Thought you would like to know that the new director of Glyndebourne has promised me a letter supporting the nomination of James Bowman for a knighthood. Awaiting response from various other musical luminaries.

Update on J. Bowman knighthood nomination

Jill Gunsell
wrote (July 12, 2001):
(This message has been blind-copied to the musicians originally approached for support, as listed in my email of 12 July.)

Ladies and gentlemen,

For your information, re. the campaign for a knighthood for James Bowman:

We have received letters of support from Emma Kirkby and Edward Higginbottom, Organist and Music Tutor at James' alma mater, New College, University of Oxford. David Pickard, Director of Glyndebourne Opera (and until lately, Director of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment) has also promised a letter of support.

We will be sending the official nomination form, with the letters of support, to the British Government next week but, before then, letters or emails (which would be helpful and much appreciated), stating why you think James Bowman should be so honoured, may be sent to me at the email address in this message or in hard copy to:-

6 Sweet Mead
Saffron Walden
CB10 2EG

James Bowman websites [Mozart&Bach Lovers ML]

Babs wrote (March 14, 2005):

I saw him at the tenth anniversary of the death of wonderful David Munrow!!

His voice is pure and so recognisable at first hearing!!

I have heard him on many Purcell recordings etc.

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