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Philippe Herreweghe & Collegium Vocale Gent

Weinen, Klagenů

Cantatas BWV 12, BWV 38, BWV 75



J.S. Bach: Weinen, Klagenů

Cantatas BWV 12, BWV 38, BWV 75

Philippe Herreweghe

Collegium Vocale Gent

Soprano: Carolyn Sampson; Counter-tenor: Daniel Taylor; Tenor: Mark Padmore; Bass: Peter Kooy

Harmonia Mundi France

Dec 2003

CD / TT: 69:09

Recorded at Studio Flagey, Bruxelles.
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The Latest Herreweghe

Sw Anandgyan wrote (January 25, 2005):
My kind of excitement, a first German review for the new Bach CD from Philippe Herreweghe on Harmonia Mundi.

So, we know they gave it the very best rating ( 10 ) and we get to see the art work for the cover.

Oh, if you don't mind a mechanical translation device you may get a bit of what the reviewer has to say but since that score reminds me of Bo Derek or Nadia Comaneci; ok, you get the idea ... it's tops.

Bach Herreweghe Telegraph; a review

Sw Anandgyan wrote (May 8, 2005):
Bach: Cantatas Nos BWV 12, BWV 38 and BWV 75
Carolyn Sampson, Daniel Taylor, Mark Padmore, Peter Kooy, Collegium Vocale Gent, cond Philippe Herreweghe
Harmonia Mundi
HMC 901843, ú13Ě99

Bach was evidently determined to make a splash with his first cantata for Leipzig. And, with its colourful scoring (including a stunning high trumpet solo), catchy dance arias and virtuoso range of styles, Die Elenden sollen essen (BWV 75) was greeted
enthusiastically by his new congregation.

Its exuberant hedonism contrasts starkly with Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (BWV 38), an austere, esoteric work that mingles archaic techniques with Bach's most tortured chromaticism. The earliest cantata here, Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen (BWV 12), also has its share of chromatic anguish, not least in the great choral threnody that Bach later recycled as the Crucifixus in the B minor Mass (BWV 232).

Herreweghe's Bach has always been stronger on introspection than flamboyance. Other performers, including Suzuki (BIS) and Koopman (Erato), have brought more swagger and élan to BWV 75. But few, if any, versions of these cantatas match Herreweghe's refinement and gentle, unforced eloquence. Stylish though he is, bass Peter Kooy lacks a firm centre to his tone. The other three soloists, though, are
first-rate, above all tenor Mark Padmore, ardent and elegant in his minuet aria in BWV 75, poignantly expressive as he proclaims Christ's presence amid sorrow in BWV 38.
Richard Wigmore

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