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Aafje Heynis (Contralto)
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Contalto Aafje Heynis sings Bach, Richter, Passacaglia in C

Paul J.A. Brouwer wrote (April 17, 1998):
I am a great fan of the Dutch contralto Aafje Heynis, and I have some ADD recordings of her with I can recommendate to everyone who loves Cantatas.

* Aafje Heynis Bach, Händel Brahms (Philips 426 109-2)
* Erbarme dich (the nicest ever have heard) BWV 244
* Bereite dich Zion - Weihnachts Oratorium BWV 248
* Es ist Vollbracht - Johannes Passion BWV 245
* Ave Maria BWV 846

* Aafje Heynis zingt (sings) Bach
* Vergnügte Ruh,... BWV 170
* Schlafe mein Liebster BWV 248 Weihnachts Oratorium
* Agnus Dei Hohe Messe BWV 232
* Gott soll alein mein Herze haben, BWV 169

* Stabat Mater of Vivaldi (Classic Options CO 3509)
(By the way a very nice recording of the Pergolesi Sabat Mater is Bu Claudio Abbado (cond.) Margret Marshall (Sopr.) Lucia Valentini Terrani (Calto)

Where I am looking for is a St Matthäus Passion (BWV 244) recording where Aafje Heynis sings the alto.

I am also a great lover of the Bach performances of Karl Richter so if anyone have some nice suggestions....

Richter's Passacaglia in C BWV 582 (Archive 427 127-2 AGA) I love very much. 2 years a go I attend a concert of the Dutch organist Jaap Kroonenburg, who did an excellent performance of it in the Grote Kerk in Naarden (Great church in Naarden Netherlands)

If anyone have nice suggestions...

This is my first contribution to the forum. I hope you appreciate my suggestions and I hope to receive some good tips on my requests

PS In the silent week I went to twice to the St Matthew Passion (BWV 244). Once in Vredenburg Utrecht NL and two days later in the Great church in Naarden NL. In my opinion the performance in Vredenburg was the best and the most comfortable. The one in Naarden was so over crowded. It is really a passion to sit it out. I think that the Nederlandse Bachverenging (Dutch Bach Association) is going to far!!!!! (there was also a weak alto singing).


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