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For McCreesh fans - 2000-2001 concert schedules

Matthew Westphal
wrote (January 20, 2000):
I've received the 2000-2001 concert plans (so far) for Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Consort & Players.

Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of info about venues and so forth, but this should at least be a starting point for anyone who may want to attend.

Paul McCreesh

1999/2000 Diary

Last updated at: January 17, 2000

January Holland Tour

Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

17 Rotterdam
18 Utrecht
19 Windhaven
21 Maastricht
22 Gröningen
23 The Hague
24 Tilburg

28 - 29 Journee folle de Bach -- Nantes, France

St Matthew Passion

21-26 Paul McCreesh guest conducts
Händel & Haydn Society in

April Bach: Easter Oratorio + Magnificat

17 Barcelona
18 Rome
21-22 Abbaye de Fontevraud, France (NB St John Passion on 21)
23 London – Barbican

(This program will be recorded by DG following this tour.)

29 April - 3 May US tour
Morales: Requiem

29 Boston Early Music Festival
30 Gotham Early Music, New York (Church of the Holy Family, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)
2 May Washington Cathedral

27 June - 3 July Beaune Festival (France)
Bach: St John Passion

14 - 16 July Brinkburn Priory (UK)
Bach Easter Oratorio tbc

26 July Povoa Festival, Portugal
Bach: Easter Oratorio and Magnificat

19-28 August Festival de la Chaise Dieu (Sable, France)
St Matthew Passion (x2)
St John Passion

1-3 September Festival September Musical de L'Orne
Bach: Easter Oratorio and Magnificat

7 - 27 October Brisbane Festival and Beijing
Bach: St John Passion
Bach: Mass in A + Cantatas
Purcell: King Arthur

14 October Berlin Alte Tage
Venetian Coronation

28 - 29 October Vaduz, Switzerland
Bach: St John Passion

7-9 November Venice Music Festival
7 Monteverdi: Mass of Thanksgiving
8 Gabrieli/de Rore: Christmas Mass from San Marco
9 Monteverdi: Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda
10 or 11 return travel

5 - 11 Dec European tour
Händel: Jephtha

5 Dec Auditorium de Lyon
6 Opera de Massy (France)
10 London – Barbican
11 Birmingham - Symphony Hall


1 - 15 February Tour of Spain/France
Händel: Orlando

Händel: Solomon
30 March Paris - Theatre des Champs-Elysees
1 April Luzern Festival (Switzerland)
3 April Kölner Philharmonie

Bach: St Matthew Passion
8 - 14 April European Tour
15 London - Barbican Hall

Hope this was of interest!

Adam La Spata wrote (January 20, 2000):
Speaking of whom, what does everyone think about the Epiphany Mass recording? I think McCreesh and the Gabrieli C & P did a phenomenal job of conveying a sense of a worship service, as JSB would have experienced it. True, the ways certain things are viewed today (such as the archaic language used) has changed, but it is still a treat. With two cantatas, the Mass in F, Sanctus in D, church bells, liturgical chant, and congregational hymns, it is worth its high price.

Billy Kitson wrote (January 20, 2000):
What high price? The Aussie BC sent it out in FM stereo. It sounds OK from a Cassette Tape!

Steven Langley Guy wrote (January 20, 2000):
Two words Adam: Buy it!

It is a great recording and I'm sure you'll like it if you don't already have it? You seem to be familiar with this recording? I feel that after HIP, the next step is to give some idea about the social context of music. The Epiphany Mass does this very well and it does things that no other Bach recording (to my knowledge) has ever done. If any of the members of the List still don't have this recording, they should order it immediately. McCreesh's and his Gabrieli Consort's Epiphany Mass is one of the crucial Bach recordings of recent years.

Adam La Spata wrote (January 21, 2000):
Oh sorry. Forgot this is an international list. I got it here in the US from Barnes and Noble for something like $36 US. Granted it is two discs but that's still rather high. Especially since I am a college student. Also, having the Mass on CD lets you skip around to parts that interest you more or that you want to hear more often, such as the two cantatas, the Sanctus in D, or the Mass in F.

McCreesh (and some other questions)

Jeff Leone
wrote (April 15, 2000): 3:56
Interesting enough, McCreesh is coming to Washington DC sometime in early May to revisit Guerrero and his Requiem. What a disappointment for me!! If only he were performing Bach while here. Nonetheless it will be a unique experience to see him perform live.

Off the topic, does anyone know about Il Giardino Armonico's tour of the US? They will be in DC tomorrow (Sat) but I have no idea of what the program includes.

Also, does anyone know if Goebel and MAK ever plan on touring the US?

Matthew Westphal wrote (April 15, 2000): 4:12
< Jeff Leone wrote: Interesting enough, McCreesh is coming to Washington DC sometime in early May to revisit Guerrero and his Requiem. >
It's Morales, actually. It should be very good - that recording is one of my favourite McCreesh CDs (and that's saying a lot).

< Also, does anyone know if Goebel and MAK ever plan on touring the US? >
They toured the US (or appeared in NYC, at least) with Anne Sofie von Otter, doing the "Lamenti" program.

Benjamin Mullins
wrote (June 6, 2000):
Does anyone know if Paul McCreesh and his Gabrielis have a web site?

Colin 't Hart wrote (June 6, 2000):
(To Benjamin Mullins) It's at but currently under redevelopment.

Their manager is Anita Crowe, and is at

Bach OVPP by Gabrieli Consort in France

Paul Dirmeiks
wrote (May 13, 2003):
If some of you are in France in the fall of August, this might interest you :

Bach: St John Passion; Easter Oratorio/Magnificat
Soloists: Susan Hemington Jones, Robin Tyson, James Gilchrist, Peter Harvey
Gabrieli Consort, Paul McCreesh

Aug 27 St John Passion, La Chaise Dieu, France
Box Office: 00 33 553 09 51 30

Aug 28 Easter Oratorio/Magnificat, La Chaise Dieu, France
Box Office: 00 33 553 09 51 30

Aug 29 St John Passion, Sinfonia en Perigord, France

Aug 30 Easter Oratorio/Magnificat, Septembre Musical de l'Orne, France

Maybe could one reasonably expect that a recording/release of the Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) is scheduled...? I always wondered why the SJP attracted me less than the SMP. Since the SJP is essentially choral, maybe an OVPP performance will make me evolve ?

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