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Ricercar at arkiv

Yoël L. Arbeitman wrote (February 18, 2007):
Some Ricercar concerts bach and other are at arkivmusic including the De Aeternitate which I strongly recommend. Their first recording of BWV 106 with Trauer-Cantatas by other baroque composers seems to be in print both at and at Arkiv. I do not have this one and am thinking about it prayerfully with my constant meditation as to how many CDs a person should have. Of course my prayers and mediations only apply to me.


Ricercar Consort : Aus der Tiefe

Thérèse Hanquet wrote (July 31, 2010):
I just wanted to share with you my pleasure to discover a recent (april 209) "Catalog CD" of the Ricercar Consort that I ordered on Amazon.

For their 30th anniversary, the Ricercar label has gathered 5 cantatas on the theme "Aus der Tiefe" that the Ricercar consort has recorded over the years, by J.-S. Bach naturally, but also Selle, Bernhardt, Förtsch and Graupner. There is also BWV 82 (Ich habe genug), interpreted by Max van Egmond.

BWV 131 in this OVPP version, with four excellent soloists (Greta De Reyghere, James Bowman, Guy De Mey, Max van Egmond) is both enchanting and moving. It is am impressed when I think that this recording has almost 20 years!

I find it also quite interesting to have the production of other German composers on the same theme, predecessors of Bach or almost contemporary (Graupner).

And last but not least, the price is quite soft compared with other CDs of similar quality!


Pierlot's new OVPP recording of the Magnificat

Bradley Lehman wrote (August 10, 2010):
Nice way to hear and capture a mid-fi broadcast of this new recording:

Magnificat (BWV 243)
Maria Keohane (soprano)
Anna Zander (soprano)
Carlos Mena (alto)
Hans-Jorg Mammel (tenor)
Stephan MacLeod (bass)
Francis Jacob (organ)
Ricercar Consort
Philippe Pierlot (conductor)
MIRARE MIR102 (2 CDs).

*Broadcast on:*
BBC Radio 3, 10:00am Tuesday 10th August 2010

(available for a week)

They played it about a month ago as a feature on their "CD Review" programme, as well.

Neil Halliday wrote (August 11, 2010):
Bradley Lehman wrote:
< Nice way to hear and capture a mid-fi broadcast of this new recording: >
Thanks for this, Brad.

It's a wonderfully rich sound, with glorious trumpets and drums.

[The only place I missed a choir, perhaps surprisingly, was in the "Suscepit Israel" which may have had a more exotic "spaciousness" with tutti voices; and the soprano overdoes the 'messa di voce" in one of her movements].


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