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Helmut Winschermann - Cantatas

Jane Newble wrote (November 19, 1999):
For the past two days I have been glued to my CD player, listening to the 5-CD set (Philips) of Helmut Winschermann, 13 sacred cantatas and 13 Sinfonias (from various cantatas). Among others, it has Elly Ameling and Hermann Prey, and I did not know what to expect, but IMHO it's wonderful! I could not find anything about Winschermann's cantatas on the home page, but there were some rave reviews of his Brandenburgs and Orchestral Works. The recordings were done from 1968 until 1972 and they are very clear and beautiful. What I would like to ask is this: Does anyone know anything about Helmut Winschermann, and has anyone else heard these recordings?

Philip Peters wrote (November 19, 1999):
(To Jane Newble) Well, I'll be. I bought the set two days ago for $ 25. I did not even know who Winschermann was but I bought it because of the soloists and the low price. You beat me to it as I was about to ask the same thing....

I also bought some LP's containing cantatas recorded by Fritz Werner on Erato. These are if anything even better. This comes as a total surprise to me as I didn't think I would ever buy non-HIP Bach anymore (with an exception for the keyboard works).

Wim Huisjes wrote (November 20, 1999):
Helmut Winschermann: started as hobo player; in 1948 he became professor at the "Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik", Detmold. In 1960 he founded the ensemble "Deutsche Bachsolisten": conductor and soloist. The ensemble consists (consisted ?) mainly of principal players from major German orchestras and players with similar positions as he held in each section. Toured Europe, US and Asia frequently. For many years the "major" Bach performer for Philips.

The 13 cantata box has more than excellent soloists and choirs. Ameling, Equiluz and Prey being the most outstanding. AFAIK the box has all cantatas he ever recorded for Philips. The box is currently on sale (special offer from Universal Classics).

Know even less of Fritz Werner, except that he was one of the pioneers in opening up Bach's cantatas in the early sixties. Erato released four 2 CD boxes with cantatas, but apparently has no plans to release all his performances (the last volume came out a few years ago and I haven't heard anything since). His performance of the opening choir of BWV 104 is heartbreaking. His performances of SJP (BWV 245) and SMP (BWV 244) are/have been available. Unfortunately the Weihnachtsoratorium not.

Hope Erato will come to their senses and will release them all. On all these performances: you should be glued to your CD player. If you can get some LP's : rush!


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