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January 2010

Ed Jeter wrote (January 1, 2010):
[Following the announcement: Guide to Bach Tour - New Version]
Aryeh, Thanks for the wonderful New Year’s gift you have given to all lovers of Bach’s music.

In turn Chiara Massini this morning in Vienna put on two You Tubes videos of her performances of Bach’s English Suite BWV807 that we can all enjoy also:

Happy New Year to All,

Thomas Shepherd wrote (January 1, 2010):
New Year Greeting

A very happy new year to you. Once again thank you so much for your extraordinary web site which has given so much pleasure and information over the years.

Kenji Ohmura [Manager/Admin'r, BACH-CHOR TOKYO, Japan] wrote (January 1, 2010):
We thank you for your web-site about J.S. Bachs various works.
It is an excellent contribution for expanding Bachs musics to world wide, and especially into Japan.

We, Bach-Chor Tokyo, has been performed Bach's Kirchenkantatas and several Oratorios (Matthäus, Johannes or Weihnachts, and so on) for more than 48 years in Japanese translated text.

We will perform at first time the h-moll Messe in Japanese version in 2011.
At this juncture, I would like to make our text insert on your web-site. <>

Ehud Shiloni [BRML] wrote (January 3, 2010):
[Following the announcement: The Bach Cantatas Website celebrates its 9th anniversary]
[To Aryeh Oron] Wishing you a very happy 2010, and wishing all of us, Bach's fans, many more years of joy with Aryeh's sure hands at the helm of this terrific Website and Mailing Lists.


Santu de Silva [BRML] wrote (January 4, 2010):
Happy 9th anniversary, Aryeh, and the Bach website. I have used it often, if not steadily, and I can say with confidence, it is an industrywide leader in the the effective way it is organized, its completeness, its accuracy --not least in the responsiveness of the maintenance staff; I assume that's you.

I'm not an expert on the matter, but I suspect that there will be widespread alarm if your server were to crash, or some similar calamity were to occur, and I sincerely hope there is a complete backup somewhere.

Only J. S. Bach could inspire such calm and unflagging devotion, both from yourself, and the ever-enthusiastic BCML, whose catholic interests enables your site to extend its hospitality to so many additional composers. I would say that it is a model of Internet cooperation, except that you bear sole responsibility! As you must suspect, one of the more surprising reasons for the widespread admiration the site enjoys is the extensive collection of biographies. Here's wishing you a wonderful anniversary year, and I hope I'm around when the site hits the big one-oh!!

Arch, Bach and Aryeh O fan

Philip Owen (Dr J.P.Owen) [Darras Hall, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK] wrote (January 5, 2010):
Your website is excellent!!

Kirsten Sollek [Mezzo-soprano, USA] wrote (January 7, 2010):
[After updating her bio page]
Thank you so much for such a prompt repsonse! I am grateful for the new posting. <>

Julian Mincham [BCML] wrote (January 8, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< Bach-related choirs in the UK and elsewhere around the world are listed at: >
Is there anything connected or related to Bach that this site does not carry information on? I'm regularly surprised and amazed by what it reveals.

Jonathan Hill wrote (January 10, 2010):
I do hope you are well.

I'm a music student at the University of Manchester, U.K. and recently found the PDF about the sources of Bach's 6 Cello Suites on the Bach cantatas website (here: It's incredibly detailed and helpful. Thanks!

Isabella cde Sabata wrote (January 11, 2010):
<> your website is truly amazing!
And it woudl be marvellous to be included in your Festivals page, <>

Jan Opalach [Assistant Professor of Voice- University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music] wrote (January 14, 2010):
<> Needless to say, the website is invaluable!!

Stephan McLeod [Bass-Baritone & Conductor, Switzerland] wrote (January 19, 2010):
<> Thanks a lot in advance and all my respect once again for your website, which I consult regularly, and which has become for me an endless source of quick and very well organised informations.

Marc Tinga [Groningen, NL] wrote (January 21, 2010):
<> So maybe you still want these data, to use them for your informative website.

Volodymyr Tykhyy [Kyiv, Ukraine] wrote (January 21, 2010):
Thank you for your site! I think you can use the scan of the plate in the Recordings section. <>

Aggelos Tsompanidis wrote (January 22, 2010):
[After updating the arrangements/Transcriptions section]
Great! Keep up the good work! <>

Matt Houben wrote (January 22, 2010):
In 2007 I provided you with the biography of the Dutch mezzo Mirjam Schreur. Attached you will find an updated version that you can use for your great Bach cantatas website. <>

Bernhard Warmuth wrote (January 26, 2010):
first I have to thank you for your efforts about Boris Carmeli. Mrs. Sonja Carmeli (Moser) is so happy, as she has seen the pictures of Boris on your homepage.
from me and Mrs. Sonja Carmeli

Ed Myskowski [BCML] wrote (January 27, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< All the Bach recordings by Laurindo Almeida are presented at: >
<> Thanks again for the incredible detail the BCW site provides. Not to mention the patient moderation.

Jochen Neurath [Composer/Arranger - Berlin, German] wrote (January 29, 2010):
by chance I realized that I have the honour to be listed on your bach-cantata-site. Thank you very much for this!
With deep respect for the work you do there,

Tobin Schmuck [Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity, NYC, USA] wrote (January 30, 2010):
[After adding Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity to the Bach Festivals & Cantata Series section]
Thanks for soliciting this info;
what a great resource you’ve set up!
I’ll keep sending more as I find it in the files.


February 2010

Rachel Brown wrote (February 1, 2010):
In researching a book I am selling on ebay I came across your website. <>. It is a volume of epistle texts by Erdmann Neumeister, dated 1720. I learned from your site(and others) that J.S. Bach used some of Neumeister's texts in his cantatas.
Thank you for your site and the information you provided.

Beverly King wrote (February 1, 2010):
My name's Beverly and I wanted to provide feedback on your page: I was using it to do research for a Musical History course I'm teaching at a local community college and as a Professor, I've found it to be a tremendous help, thanks so much. <>

Virginia Ekman wrote (February 2, 2010):
I happened upon your site while looking for information on Werner Krenn.
I look forward to exploring your interesting site further.

Mark McMahan [Birmingham, Alabama] wrote (February 3, 2010):
I enjoyed your site. I thought you would like to know that Baron Tuyll van Serooskerken is selling the portrait of Bach. (B-05 on your site) <>

Malik M.L. Williams [photography] wrote (February 5, 2010):
Leontye Price on the Bach Cantatas Website

Thank you for the wonderful resource. <>

Mahiruha [BCML] wrote (February 6, 2010):
<> And Aryeh, I am and will always be in awe of your dedication and devotion to this great music. Thank you for moderating and maintaining this unique site. It is a treasure.

Ian Hammond wrote (February 8, 2010):
<> Many thanks for your excellent web site. It is a delight to have it available.

Ed Myskowski [BCML] wrote (February 13, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< Another option is using the table on the BCW, which presents for every cantata the location (Vol./CD number) in the major recorded cantata series (Rilling, Suzuki, Koopman, H&L, Gardiner, Leusink, etc.). See: >
These tables are so useful and concise I printed out hard copy a couple years ago, adding many personal notes. The reality of filing etc. is that it is usually quicker for me to grab the laptop to look up Koopman vol. nos., rather than to find the printed index.

The BCW resource is unsurpassed, thanks, Aryeh!

Paolo Zaia [Apple & Bach fan, Italy -] wrote (February 16, 2010):
<>. Thank you again for your great effort to keep the best Bach website in the world.

Hanno Lenk wrote (February 17, 2010):
thank you for maintaining the bach-cantatas site. <>

Edwin Morrison [Lexington, SC, USA] wrote (February 19, 2010):
<> Great website. Thank you so much

James Gilchrist [Tenor - UK] wrote (February 23, 2010):
Wonderful Bach website. <>

Christine R. Howlett [Soprano & Conductor, Canada] wrote (February 25, 2010):
My name is Christine Howlett and I discovered that I am listed on this website with a bio!
Thanks - it was so nice to be included in your website!

Robert King [Aristic Director - The King's Consort] wrote (February 28, 2010):
[After updating the bio page of Matthew Halls]
Thank you. You must be the most efficient webmaster in the music business!


March 2010

Joe Gascho wrote (March 3, 2010):
Thanks for the great Bach website, its awesome. <>

Douglas Cowling [BCML] wrote (March 8, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< Following this request and a recent discussion on the BCML, I have created a calendar of the Lutheran Church Year (LCY) for the Sundays & Holidays in the Lifetime of J.S. Bach (1685-1750).
See: >
Wow in excelsis!!

Wir danken dir!!

Evan Cortens [BCML] wrote (March 8, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< Following this request and a recent discussion on the BCML, I have created a calendar of the Lutheran Church Year (LCY) for the Sundays & Holidays in the Lifetime of J.S. Bach (1685-1750).
See: >
Wow, this is awesome! Thanks Aryeh!

Ed Myskowski [BCML] wrote (March 8, 2010):
Douglas Cowling wrote:
< Wow in excelsis!!
Wir danken dir!! >

I second both (makes four?)

Douglas Cowling wrote (March 13, 2010):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< I am glad to inform me that I have just finished the second phase of this project. I have added Performances of vocal works by J.S. Bach to the calendar, including both works from his own pen and by other composers.
- Event pages contain now all the vocal works performed by J.S. Bach on this Event.
- Year pages contain only vocal works, of which definite performance date/s by J.S. Bach are known. >
This is a terrific resource, and, as far as I know, the only place where all of this information has been drawn together. I reiterate my belief that this site is not just an informal forum, but a significant reference tool for professional and amateur alike.

Bravo Aryeh!

Raymond Choi [Chairman - The Hong Kong Bach Choir, Central, Hong Kong] wrote (March 17, 2010):
<> Nice work with the website.

Göran Tegnér [Sweden] wrote (March 20, 2010):
<> The Cantata site is an excellent source, so I am pleased when I can help in small details.

Wim van Teeffelen [NH EST, The Netherlands - on the trails of Bach] wrote (March 20, 2010):
Lot of work you have put into this website! Compliments! <>

Elizabeth Schwimmer [Bachfest Cochabamba] wrote (March 20, 2010):
<> I want to thank you very much for your help. Having this BachFest included in your page has been incredible. Through your page several musicians, including Michael Lawrence communicated with me and now we are making projects for next year's BachFest.

Philippe Koenig wrote (March 21, 2010):
<> I just wanted to express you my gratitude for the quality of your pages about the Bach Cantatas. There is not a week I doesn't consult them.

Despite my Lutheran origins and dedication to « classical » music, i never listened to the whole Cantatas. This year I decided to follow them after Christmas, and all my prejudices (like Stravinsky about Vivaldi : it must be 200 times the same cantata) are gone. Your pages are helping me to catch all the wealth and the diversity of these masterpieces. Since I discovered at 18 Wagner, i didn't had such a musical revelation (I'm 38 now!).

So thank you, for contributing to this discovery <>

Vernon Kirk [Tenor, England] wrote (March 22, 2010):
I received your email earlier this year, and am sending you a copy of my biography and recent photo (Bach Cantatas BWV 21 & 135, Gardiner). The website sounds a great idea - good luck!

Alan Carrier wrote (March 24, 2010):
<> Love the website!


April 2010

Guido De Vos wrote (April 1, 2010):
<> I also would like to offer you sincere gratitude for providing this massive amount of information on the Bach cantatas to the public.

Philippe Oucd wrote (April 1, 2010):
[Request to join the BCML]
Hello, i wish to join this group for i read the bach-cantatas websites really often and enjoy earing bach cantatas ! thank you Philippe

Rolf Günther [Lörrach, Southern Germany] wrote (April 3, 2010):
In addition to the message from Frits I express my best thanks for the possibility to use your Bach Cantata website with its immense and profound information. Since some years with a somehow general interest for Bach’s music and the Baroque era, I am now concentrating on the cantatas, mainly influenced by my colleague and friend Frits Herbold, whom I worked together with for some 20 years. He had the generosity to let me participate in his huge collection of Bach´s vocal works and we are now putting our forces together to build up a "sounding library" of all cantata interpretations.

Marva Watson [Graduate student, School of Music, SIU Carbondale] wrote (April 3, 2010):
<> I have enjoyed the Bach Cantatas website.

Thank you again,

Andreas Schubert wrote (April 5, 2010):
Thanks for this site

Jiumn Lin [Chicago, USA] wrote (April 9, 2010):
Your website of Bach is very impressive and informative, it is a great source of information for people who study the music of Bach.
I collect music stamps, and I checked thru your website of Bach stamps. I have some more you don't have, you can visit my music stamps website(it is still incompleted yet):

I dont' have these cards or postmarks envelopes you have, I collect only stamps which are available from most dealers.
It is nice to have website like yours to be able to exchange information with collectors as a check list.

Julian Mincham wrote (April 9, 2010):
It looks like my website will will be going live in the third week of April.

I want to market it, and the link with yours as the biggest readily available resource of information, analysis and opinion on the cantatas anywhere. <>

Michael Meacock [Baroque Music Club] wrote (April 9, 2010):
Still keeping it up. Surely, a monumental reference work. <>

Gregory Reinhart [Bass -Paris, France] wrote (April 12, 2010):
Congratulations on your very visible online information on Bach Cantatas. As you know, I am among the many singers who love to interpret this music, since my earliest training. <>

Deanne McKee wrote (April 15, 2010):
Please find enclosed an updated Bio for Mr. Schade for the lovely Bach Cantata web-site. <>

Edson Almachar wrote (April 19, 2010):
hi! Just wanted to thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for your Bach Cantata website:

I'm using it for personal purposes only. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to find a copy of the full score of my favorite cantata. Thank you sooo much!

Elisabeth Rößler [München, Germany] wrote (April 19, 2010):
First I would like very much, thank you very much for the update the biography of Franz Kelch - we have very got your sensitive translation! And thank you also for your bach cantatas great work!
With many many thanks for all your efforts, care and love, that you the documentation to devote bach cantatas and with very warm thank-you from my very old father.

Ceasar Tejada wrote (April 23, 2010):
<> I appreciate your site and your integrity to rightfully represent the great composers.

Michael [South Korea] wrote (April 23, 2010):
Hello~ My name is Michael, I live in s.korea.

I use your site(bach-cantata) very well. <>

Lia van Schaijk [Utrechtse Bachcantatediensten - Utrecht NL] wrote (April 27, 2010):
[After creating a page for UBCD in the Bach Festivals & Cantata Series section]
That's quick! I also had a look at the UBCD page. Looks good, <>
Thank you very much for your work, well done, websites are time consuming, I know....

Douglas Cowling [BCML] wrote (April 30, 2010):
[To Aryeh Oron] This is fascinating material, and it's great to have it all in one place. I reiterate my opinion that BCML is the principal online reference site for the study of Bach. <>


May 2010

Aggelos Tsompanidis wrote (May 4, 2010):
Excellent job!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! <>

David Trainer [Sydney, Australia] wrote (May 4, 2010):
Thank you so much

I'm a big fan of your website devoted to Bach's cantatas. Love them all like little jewels that glisten either brightly or darkly. <>

Pablo Castro wrote (May 6, 2010):
I was visiting your site about Bach Cantatas, <>
That's all for now and congratulations for your very interesting and informing site on Bach.

Ralph Gottier wrote (May 7, 2010):
Panajotis Iconomou

I have read the very interesting interviews. Thank you very much. <>

Francesc Rovira Garrell wrote (May 7, 2010):
Thanks for your work –great, great job– at BCW, for your generosity.
As a Catalan, I'm particularly interested in the Catalan translations of the cantatas, and, therefore, very grateful to Mr. Antoni Sàbat. <>

Heather MacDonald wrote (May 7, 2010):
JS Bach Cantata BWV 170

I stumbled by chance onto your discussion page about Bach's Cantata Janet Baker, Vergnugte Ruh. My recording of this Cantata is with Janet Baker and Neville Marriner. I can never hear that beautiful first Aria without crying! I was so glad to find that many other subscribers to your website would agree with me. Anyhow, thank you for these pages which celebrate the Master! For whatever reason, I always return to the Cantatas as my favourite of Bach's works. I do believe his very soul is in them.

The late Glenn Gould lived right down the street from me and as one of the great interpreters of Bach, I used to wonder what Glenn Gould thought about the Cantatas. Never did find out. The day he died, I was returning from a day of sailing down at the harbour. I got off the subway and went by his apartment and found someone had scrawled, "Glenn Gould lives forever" on his mailbox!! Don't think he spent much time there though.


Marc Paré [Early Music News] wrote (May 10, 2010):
<> I will post a blurb later this week on your excellent list of Bach related Festival and Cantata series on your great informative site.

Many thanks for all of your contributions to the early music scene.

Kath Hopcroft [Kathleen Ferrier Society] wrote (May 10, 2010:
I have always found your site a most useful source of information, Well done. <>

Katarina Bengtson wrote (May 18, 2010):
[Application to join the BCML]
My name is. Katarina Bengtson. I've recently formed the Stockholm Bach Society in Sweden, and we aim to complete a cycle of all the cantatas.
Thanks for a great website!

Pablo Castro wrote (May 19, 2010):
Well, I really appreaciate all the work you've done related to my inquiry. I have found both responses to my query very useful and illuminating.
Finally I searched your site and found the correct information. But the references that the students of Music told me guided me to try to find out if there was indeed any relation between the Partita and any of Bach's Cantatas.
Thank you very much again and congratulations for the website.

Dean Farwood [San Francisco, USA] wrote (May 30, 2010):
Anthony Newman

I noticed on your wonderful Bach website that you have a detailed discography for Anthony Newman. I am in the process of writing an article on Newman focusing on the controversy that still surrounds his style of playing Bach. <>


June 2010

Alan Carrier wrote (June 2, 2010):
<> Well wished on the continuance of your website!

Inka Lüdke [Munich, Germany] wrote (June 2, 2010):
I often look up informations on your website. It is very well done. Thank you! <>

Thérèse Hanquet wrote (June 10, 2010):
<> Thanks one more for the fantastic reference that your site provides.

Rev. Michael D. Costello [Cantor - Grace Lutheran Church: Bach Cantata Series, River Forest, IL, USA) wrote (June 14, 2010):
<> Thank you for your continued efforts which aid us all so much!

Guido De Vos wrote (June 14, 2010):
<> It is the content that really matters, and I am very pleased with your web site. But we alway should strive for improvement(s).

Alex Baubin wrote (June 19, 2010):
<> Great job by the way, that homepage of yours!

Philippe Costes wrote (June 25, 2010):
many thanks for the site, which is wonderful. <>


July 2010

Vincent Aalbers [Vincent Aalbers, Soest, the Netherlands] wrote (July 8, 2010):
I am Ducth and form protestant origin, my brother converted to Judaism and lives for almost 30 years in Israel.
It is very special that you as an Israeli have made the Bach Cantates website. I like Bach much and listen often to his music.

To da raba we .. shalom

Johannes Kammler [Baritone, Germany] wrote (July 15, 2010):
My name is Johannes Kammler! My sister told me you put into your site, which is wonderful, the vita of my dad and now mine also. Thank you very much! I'm so happy about it!!!
But excuse me I have to say some mistakes:
That's it! The rest is perfect! Well, once again: Thank you! I'm happy about the fact my vita is on your site! Thanks!

Have a nice time, please change my annotations and all best wishes to you!

François Zwang wrote (July 21, 2010):
How are you ??
I send you the covers of the last recoding of the Partitas by Jorg Demus.
Have a nice day
Thanks again for your indredible web site !!
Best regards

Elisabeth Rößler (born Kelch) [München, Germany] wrote (July 21, 2010):
<> sencerely and thank you for your wonderful Bach-documentation.

Dave Fox [Richmond, VA, USA] wrote (July 23, 2010):
Many thanks for your web site. I’ve particularly enjoyed the section on sets of Bach’s organ music. <>

Jan Leontsky wrote (July 23, 2010):
I send you informations regarding two editions of Bach which may interest you :
Hope it will be usefull for the renowned BCW.

Marie-Luise Patzelt [Nuremberg, Germany] wrote (July 27, 2010):
First of all, I would like to say that your Bach website is VERY impressive in its extensiveness and depth. What an immense effort and passion for this fascinating composer and his work! I ran into the website about two years ago, when I found on it your remarkable interview with the baritone Barry McDaniel. This interview, along with a recording of Schubert's "Winterreise", turned me into an ardent admirer of this outstanding artist, who has been quite injustly neglected and pushed aside in favor of his competitors.
Thank you very much for your answer and best regards

Marie-Luise Patzelt [Nuremberg, Germany] wrote (July 27, 2010):
<> All the best to you and the website, and best regards


August 2010

Byunghyun OH wrote (August 7, 2010):
I should begin by saying thanks for the wonderful site of Bach cantatas! <>

Claude Role wrote (August 16, 2010):
<> I' am very happy ; I meet sombody very interesting : Gilles Cantagrel, at the "Bach Cantatas in Combrailles (Auvergne, in France) with the performance of BWV 75 and 76 !
Cantagrel is an french Author with a recent Book "Les Cantates de Jean-Sébastien Bach" (Fayard -Editor 2010).
I think Gies Cantagrel as the better author in french Language by this time ! And more ! He knews the BCW ad says also : it's the best one !!!

Arjen van Gijssel wrote (August 20, 2010):
Long time no see or hear from you. I am still a great admirer and user of your site to which I contributed some insights and music examples. <>

Jan Leontsky wrote (August 29, 2010):
<> I congratulate you for your big work on BCW and thank you again.

Michelle Russell wrote (August 30, 2010):
Great website with information on baroque and classical music:

Jan Leontsky [Composer, Piano] wrote (August 31, 2010):
[Following the addition of pages for his bio & Bach recordings]
you did a professional job...this is superb. <>

Michelle Russell wrote (August 31, 2010): glad I could help! Thanks again for making such a nice reference page :)


September 2010

Birger Radde [Tenor/Baritone, Germany] wrote (September 7, 2010):
I'm a professional singer from Germany and after a few people have told me that they found me on your website I was looking for my profile at <>
I really like your website. It is a fantastic tool for informations not only for me but for most of my singing colleagues. <>

John Metz [Piano, Harpsichord, Conductor - USA] wrote (September 8, 2010):
<> I would be greatly pleased if somehow that could be mentioned in your wonderful and capacious website!

Jenny Cowling [Treasurer, Sheffield Bach Society] wrote (September 16, 2010):
Many thanks, that's wonderful. I often look at your site but had not realised until yesterday that you advertised concerts as well as all the other information you provide. <>

Roel Otten [Hoogeveen Holland] wrote (September 20, 2010):
<> Good luck with the bachcantatesdotcom, <>

Christoph Dohrmann [Germany] wrote (September 30, 2010):
I saw your great site about Bach cantatas: <>


October 2010

Ariel Ilan Roth, Ph.D [Director - Global Security Studies, The Johns Hopkins University] wrote (October 5, Thank you for all your work on this wonderful website! <>

Matthew Zadow [Baritone, Canada] wrote (October 7, 2010):
I am writing to let you know how valuable I find your site as a resource for singers.... Bach has always felt surprisingly right for me to perform (hard to learn, yes, but increasingly effortless to sing). <>

Victoria Stewart [Executive Director - Arco Ensemble] wrote (October 7, 2010):
Thank you for including Arco Ensemble on your site. <>

Matt Cline wrote (October 14, 2010):
Constantly enjoying your hard work on cantata translations. Thanks so much!

Benoit Arnould [Baritone, Nancy, France] wrote (October 15, 2010):
<> Thank you for this update, and also for the website, which is a very important source for me.

Ivan Remsik [Prague, Czech Republic] wrote (October 15, 2010):
I found an article you translated and published on your fantastic website.

Luz González wrote (October 20, 2010):
He “descubierto” este sitio en Internet y quiero felicitarles por llevarlo a cabo. Busco una biografía seria y reciente sobre Bach. Me interesa su figura y su relación con Lutero. ¿Podría indicarme algo apropiado?

Muchas gracias,

Ann Compass [Los Angeles Bach Festival] wrote (October 30, 2010):
<> Thanks for helping keep classical music alive.


November 2010

Nym Cooke [BCML] wrote (November 2, 2010):
Aryeh, many thanks for the two online items relating to Messrs. Harnoncourt and Leonhardt's pioneering series! I will definitely check them out. And thanks for your welcome; allow me to tell you how grateful I am to you for managing the Bach cantatas website so beautifully (did you create the site as well?). We all owe you a large debt!

Ulysses Shi [ Spotify Classical] wrote (November 3, 2010):
Thanks very much for you great Bach Cantatas site, a great resource, and a great achievement indeed. <>

Michael Cox [BCML] wrote (November 4, 2010):
<> I have been amazed by the amount of useful and interesting information provided by Bach Cantatas Website.

Toda raba, Aryeh Aron!

Michel Stockhem [Fuga Libera - Out Here Music] wrote (November 15, 2010):
I thought you could be interested to discover and quote in your wonderfully documented website one of our new releases. <>

Andrew LaMorte [Musicians of St. Clare - Denver, Colorado, USA] wrote (November 15, 2010):
<> Thank you for your work in support of this fine music!

Michel Stockhem [Fuga Libera] wrote (November 15, 2010):
I thought you could be interested to discover and quote in your wonderfully documented website one of our new releases. <>

Matthäus Radulescu, M.A. [the son and webmaster of Michael Radulescu's website] wrote (November 24, 2010):
I just visited your website and like it very much. <>

Francis Browne wrote (November 28, 2010):
<> I should have thanked you sometime ago for your fascinating information about your Bach trip. If we manage to make a trip to Germany this summer, your experience will be very useful -I do not expect however to meet such distinguished Bach experts as you did!
you know by now, Aryeh, that I come and I go, but month after month, year after year, you continue to work so industriously and so usefully for all who share your love of Bach's music . I used to think there might come a point where you would feel you have done enough - but now I know better. I can only express my admiration and continuing gratitude for all you have done, are now doing, and no doubt will continue to do. All who love Bach are in your debt.


December 2010

Albert Jan Becking [Bachkantaten in der Predigerkirche, Basel, Switzerland] wrote (December 4, 2010):
<> thank you againfor doing this great job!

David Branner wrote (December 4, 2010):
Thank you so much for developing this site. I have come to think of it as a necessary accompaniment to Bach's music.<>

Mario Videla [Academia Bach de Buenos Aires, Argentina] wrote (December 14, 2010):
<> Let me say first that I admire your excellent work at Bach Homepage that I visit frequently. <>

Bart Naessens [BachPlus, Belgium] wrote (December 16, 2010):,
Thank you for the very quick response and undertaken action to put us on the fantastich Bach-cantatas-site! We’re very pleased to be among so many other Bach-fanatics! <>

Jana Slámová [Prague, Czech Republic] wrote (December 21, 2010):,
Thanks for offering us an excellent Bach Website. Keep on the good work! <>

K. Ware wrote (December 22, 2010):
[in the application to join the BCML]
I am a singer, and I've found your website invaluable when I prepare to sing any Bach piece.

Jacques Ogereau [Versailles, France] wrote (December 27, 2010):
<> Thanks for your marvelous work and the best for 2011.

Jan Leontsky [France] wrote (December 30, 2010):,

<> I wish you all the best for this new year : at first, a good health and a lot of energy to manage the great Bach Cantatas Website. <>


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