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January 2013

Carlos Fleitas wrote (January 2, 2013):
I recently joined your site. What can I say, thanks is not enough. It was my dream to know all about Bach's Cantatas and you have made it possible. The site is seriours and reliable. I have enjoyed so many ones i did not knew about them! And all the comments are extremely valuable so to have a better understanding of them. I have joined of course the mailing list.
My name is Carlos Fleitas and i live in Uruguay the most southern country of South America.
Congratulations and thank you very much for your great work.

Paul Neckman wrote (January 4, 2013):
:[In his appliacation to join the BCML]
I am a lover of all things Bach, and have been reading the cantata commentaries for a couple of years - ever since I discovered them. Also regularly visit Julian Mincham's site.

David Hertzberg [Classic Vinyl LPs] wrote (January 5, 2013):
Aryeh, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you were the curator of the Bach cantata site. A fantastic contribution and archive! best wishes, david (PS: if you ever are interested in any sort of collaboration please let me know, i would be honored.)

Alexander More wrote (January 6, 2013):
<> Kindest regards and best wishes for 2013. And keep up the good work!

Chan-Hanson Ting wrote (January 10, 2013):
I am very happy to see the Chinese translations on the cantata website. I cannot wait to see the whole thing up. It is nice to see the Chinese translations listed without a gap.
Thank you very much for hosting the cantats website. I never would start the translation project without seeing that all the information is collected there and easily accessible.

Laszlo Harkanyi [Edition Peters Artist Management[ wrote (January 11, 2013):
I am writing from Edition Peters Artist Management, representing countertenor David Allsopp. First of all, congratulations for the, we are glad to see such a rich website. I was also happy to find David's biography here <>

Charles Marshall wrote (January 13, 2013):
<> Thanks to the wonderful search function on your website.

Michael C. MacDonald wrote (January 15, 2013):
Thank you for your amazing website! It has been an immense help for me as I collect the music of Bach. <>

Dr Robin A Leaver [Visiting Professor at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, and Queen’s University, Belfast. Emeritus Professor, Westminster Choir College of Rider University ] wrote (January 15, 2013):
I commend you on your informative site that I find I use very regularly. <>

Dr Kieran J. O'Mahony OSA [Dublin, Ireland] wrote (January 16, 2013):
<> I've enjoyed your site for ages. Keep up the good work.

Ed Myskowski wrote (January 29, 2013):
<> Thanks as always for your efforts in managing a wonderful internet resource!

Yves Goulart [Movie Director: Aldo Blaidn A Life for Music, Goulart Filmes] wrote (January 30, 2013):
<> Congratulations on the site: Bach Cantatas Website!!!


February 2013

Tobin Schmuck [Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity, NYC] wrote (February 9, 2013):
<> thanks as always for including us and for your excellent site! It is a major resource for us in our cantata preparations!

Rev. Tapani Simojoki (Mr.) [The Parsonage, Fareham, Hampshire, UK] wrote (February 14, 2013):
I produce and present Sunday Cantata, a weekly programme on Lutheran Radio UK (, a non-commercial Christian internet radio station based in London, of Bach's Cantatas. In the course of my research, I have found your website a useful source, especially for the texts of the Cantatas.

Dan Dews wrote (February 28, 2013):
I am very grateful for your wonderful work on the Bach Cantata website. <>


March 2013

Alan Carrier [Seattle, WA, USA] wrote (March 17, 2013):
I have used your site for many years. It is a wonderful compendium of information, especially recordings.

I am most interested in historical performances, so your site has really helped me spend a lot of money trying to find some of these most elusive pre-war 78s!
Many thanks for the great work on your site.

Daniel Moerner wrote (March 20, 2013):
I know you like to be precise in these things, so I wanted to inform you of a slight correction in Pierre Hantai's recordings
Thanks a lot for all your work,


April 2013

Pawel Skalinski [Warsaw, Poland] wrote (April 2, 2013):
Firstly, many, many thanks for this comprehensive website. <>

Mario Videla [Buenoas Aires, Argentina wrote (April 2, 2013):
<> I thank you so much for your Bach Home Page.

Jan Downia wrote (April 3, 2013):
Great website with everything you need to know about Bach Cantatas - well done. <>

Marco Bucci [IT Specialist at IBM, via LinkedIn] wrote (April 3, 2013):
Hi Aryeh, you Bach Cantatas site is a must for me. <>

Jay Kauffman [] wrote (April 4, 2013):
One of the best websites on the NET - a treasure of information. Many thanks Wagner fan

David Chin [Conductor, Piano] wrote (April 5, 2013):
[After creating a page of his Bach recordings on the BCW:]
Dear Aryeh - aren't you the kindest person in the world! Wow, I have forwarded the info to all the artists! You are most amazing!
<> Do you run the BCW website? It is super amazing -- that's the source all of us go to when we need information about Bach's vocal works!
Thanks for all your hardwork! <>

James Edward Hughes [Contralto Corner] wrote (April 5, 2013):
The website, has been set up as a resource for up and coming, and established contralto singers.

As part of the "Profiles" section for the contraltos listed on the site, I normally use either the Press Biography or the Wikipedia article, but for three singers, I can find very little on the web, except your wonderfully detailed pages. <>

James Edward Hughes [Contralto Corner] wrote (April 5, 2013):
<> Your website is an excellent resource, and I'd like to thank you for creating it.

Many thanks,

David Chin [Conductor, Piano] wrote (April 5, 2013):
Thank you so much, Aryeh. Your website is very impressive, and thank you for ALL the very hard work and dedication of your time, eff, and life in doing this -- something that we all take for granted and have not thanked you enough, Aryeh! <>

Penelope Thwaites AM [pianist and composer] wrote (April 11, 2013):
I am happy to be included on your Bach web-site, <>


May 2013

Zefanja Potgieter [Christchurch, New Zealand] wrote (May 18, 2013):
I have today discovered your website on Bach cantatas. What a wonderful resource, congratulations. I will spend lots of time delving into the information. <>

Jon Goitia [Bach-Atelier, de Madrid, Spain] wrote (May 21, 2013):
Thank you for maintaining that wonderful web site.

Elisabeth Rößler [Daughter of Franz Kelch, Munich, Germany] wrote June 6, 2013:
<> Mit herzlichem Dank für Ihre wunderbare Arbeit Bach Cantatas!

Elisabeth Rößler wrote June 6, 2013:
<> Mit sehr herzlichem Dank für all Ihre Verdienste, die vielen Kurzbiografien so vieler Künstler der Öffentlichkeit zugängig gemacht zu haben!!

Vielen herzlichen Dank und Grüße!


June 2013

Luke Dahn wrote (June 20, 2013):
Greetings Aryeh,
I've been working on a comprehensive chorale project, and I find the BCW to be an absolutely amazing site! Bravo. It brings me great pleasure using it.
One question: Would you like me to report to you any errors that I happen to come across? I don't find many at all, but only the occasional typo, incorrect link or missing title.
Just let me know.
All best,

Luke Dahn, PhD
Assoc. Professor of Music * Music Department Chair
Northwestern College (IA)
co-founder / co-Artistic Director
Ensemble: Périphérie

Luke Dahn wrote (June 21, 2013):
Great. There's not much I have by way of improving the site. I really appreciate just how comprehensive it is. There is one idea that I think would be very cool. The BCW currently has chorale indices arranged by chorale text title and by chorale melody title, but how useful would it be to have an index arranged by chorale tune melody! Apparently there was (is?) an edition of the Bach chorales published by Novello in the 1930s(?) that has such an index, though I haven't seen it myself.

I am currently working on creating an edition of Bach chorales arranged by Schmieder number. It will have all the things I find lacking in other editions of the chorales (e.g. original texts, easy cross-reference for finding other harmonizations of the same melody, hymn/tune meters, etc.). It's a personal project and a labor of love, regardless of whether it ends up being published or not. My edition will certainly include a chorale melody index.

Francis Browne wrote (June 23, 2013):
<> I am studiously avoiding looking at your continued prodigious discographical labours- they will only lead me into temptation : I cannot justify more versions of works I have. But you put all who love Bach's music further in your debt. Long may you flourish and continue to do so

Jonathan Leathwood wrote (June 24, 2013):
About eighteen months ago I referred my students to this page:

It was a very useful page with detailed information on Bach and the lute, with individual commentary on the various lute works, <>

Jonathan Leathwood wrote (June 25, 2013):
Thank you so much for this. <> Anyway, I much appreciate your help. There's nothing as good as this page anywhere on the web, when it comes to this repertoire.

Elisabeth Rößler wrote (June 25, 2013):
<> Thank you so much for all your engagement!

Andrew Remillard wrote via Facebook (June 30, 2013):
I just found your site. What a resource. Thank-you very much!


July 2013

Gary Harney wrote (July 1, 2013):
First, let me say how much I enjoy the Bach Cantatas website. I visit it virtually every day for one reason or another, and invariably find what I'm looking for, so thanks for making it available, and for all your hard work. <>

Cat Minor [Bach Cantatas Live Journal] wrote (July 6, 2013):
I understand, your Great site public information about the great sopranos only, but if possible... At least one Russian soprano...
<> Huge thanks you for your Great site - the best Bach-resource in the internet and simply The Great!
I am admired by you...

Bracha Kol [Mezzo-soprano, Recorder, Israel] wrote (July 6, 2013):

ממשיכה להתפעל מהאתר המפורט והמרשים של הקנטטות של באך!
באמת נפלא, כל הכבוד!

John Taylor Ward [Baritone, USA] wrote (July 8, 2013):
I am a huge fan of your work and it's an honor to be included on your website! <>

Anthony (Tony) J. Olszowy [Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public - Brantford, Ontario, Canada] wrote (July 11, 2013):
Thank you, Aryeh. And thank you for all your work on the website. You've added great pleasure to my enjoyment of Bach and life!

Cat Minor [Bach Cantatas Live Journal] wrote (July 18, 2013):
<> Often You and Your beautiful site mention in russian forums, <>

Girard Bowe [Richmond, VA, USA] wrote (July 23, 2013):
<> Had I seen this cover in your wonderful website, it would have made my search much easier!

Girard Bowe [Richmond, VA, USA] wrote (July 25, 2013):
<> Thank you very much for including me in your wonderful & valuable website. <>

Girard Bowe wrote (July 31, 2013):
[In his apoplication to join the BCML]
I have just learned about your greate Bach Cantatas Website and would be happy to get any news on Bach and his music.


August 2013

Claude Maury [Professeur de cor au Conservatoire de Versailles; Professeur de cor ancien au Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP)] wrote (August 2, 2013):
<> Thanks for your fantastic work.

Claude Maury wrote (August 5, 2013):
<> Anyway, your site is absolutely fantastic and thanks again and again for your beautiful job.

Rev. Michael Costello [Cantor - Grace Lutheran Church and School, River Forest, IL, USA] wrote (August 13, 2013):
<> Again, thanks for all you do!


September 2013

Rev. Michael Costello [Cantor - Grace Lutheran Church and School, River Forest, IL, USA] wrote (September 2, 2013):
<> I continue to marvel at the work you have done on the site.

Artur Cimirro [Composer, Pianist, Musical Resercher, Art Critic, and Opus Dissonus' Executive editor] wrote (September 7, 2013):
Here is my full documentary for watching online:

I'm sending this e-mail because I wrote a special thanks to your name on the final credits and/or, in other cases, because I mentioned your name or works during the video.

This is also an opportunity for saying a huge thank you for all the help you gave me during the last years.

I hope you enjoy watching...

Raven Hébert-Lee wrote (September 13, 2013):
<> Thank you for your amazing website! It has proved a great resource for me for the past long while, and I appreciate the work you have put into it.

Alice Ann Yates Goode wrote (September 14, 2013):
Just saw my updated bio and it was so much fun to see it . Great job ! And thanks so much for doing this !

René Rippen [retired IT-journalist, The Netherlands] wrote (September 14, 2013):
Greetings from Amsterdam!

I was ripping my Gardiner Pilgrimage cd's this weekend and cross-checking the tag data against your splendid Cantate Website, when I noticed an inconsistency.
Maybe a slight improvement on your already incredibly useful Labour of Love?

Kind regards & Shalom.

Thomas Braatz wrote (September 15, 2013):
<> I know that you have been extremely busy with quite extensive and exhaustive projects which have improved the BCW immensely. For this I commend you highly.

Eric Schissel wrote (September 17, 2013):
<> Anyhow. Thanks again for an exceptionally good website!

Doug Briscoe (September 18, 2013)::
<> Your site is a great resource, for which you have my thanks.


October 2013

Teri Noel Towe wrote (October 1, 2013)::
<> and you have my continued gratitude for your yeoman endeavors.

Peter Bach wrote (October 3, 2013)::
thanks for your mail and your placement of the pics on your site. Looks great. <>

William Hoffman wrote (October 16, 2013)::
Dear Aryeh: Thank you so much. Its a delight to have these in BCW format and access them as we complete Round 3. I am particularly impressed with all the BCW previous materials I have found and used again. It's fun to connect so many dots. <>

Gillian Weir wrote [Organist, England] wrote (October 20, 2013)::
Thank you for including me among your Instrumental Performers. <>

Gerhard (October 20, 2013)::
Thanks again for your great website! <>

Laurence Larrouy [coordination . programmation - Passe Ton BACH d'abord !, Toulouse, Fdrance] wrote (Octobwer 23, 2013):
Your initiative is fantastic ! <>


November 2013

Igor Sivkov wrote (November 1, 2013):
I have reviewed all your new uploading to the BCW. Thank you very much, it is good indeed. Now I give my approval for all, as everything is very good.

Once again thank you very much for all your troubles about my translations.

Raven Hébert-Lee wrote (November 2, 2013):
<> Thank you for the website! There's quite a lot of information and I'm appreciative of your efforts.

Alberto Martínez Molina [Spain] wrote (November 3, 2013):
[Following the creating of Bach Discography pages of him on the BCW]
Thank you SO MUCH!

I feel honoured to be in the BCW, I am such a frequent visitor!!! <>

Chen-Hanson Ting wrote (November 5, 2013):
<> Thank you so much in putting up the bach-cantatas web site. Whenever I want to listen to a cantata, I would first go through the discussions to learn about it. The scores are also great. They let me follow the music to see how the music plays out.

Walter Roth wrote (November 5, 2013):
thanks for maintaining the Bach cantata website.
Great resource - Great effort!

Denise Brookes [] wrote (November 12, 2013):
Firstly bravo for your wonderful site! <>

David McGaw [Chicago Chorale] wrote (November 12, 2013):
<> And on a personal note, I've found your site very helpful for my own choral music enjoyment and rehearsal prep--thank you!

Mary Chandler [] wrote (November 14, 2013):
I was browsing your site today and wanted to compliment you on your remarkably useful resource page for musicians. I found it really well organized and chock full of useful links.

Thanks for putting this together! <>
Frits van der Waa [Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Frits van der Waa] wrote (November 23, 2013):
<> I'm translating John Eliot Gardiner's book about Bach, and your website is of tremendous help to me.

Thanks ever so much!!
Nico De Napoli wrote (November 28, 2013):
[After updatin the biography of Maria Perrotta]
Thank you and congratulations on your beautiful website.

Dan Dews wrote (November 30, 2013):
<> Thanks again for your wonderful website.


December 2013

Pat a Flute wrote (December 7, 2013):
<> Thanks for your works !

Antoni Sàbat i Aguilera wrote (December 8, 2013):
,<> I am pleased to inform you that thanks to Bach Cantatas Website, my translations are used in various media and hearings concerts of Bach Cantatas in Catalonia. <>

Jan Leontsky [Odessa] wrote (December 14, 2013):
thank you so much for this most comprehensive pages !

It is always a great privilege for me to see my humble publications referenced on your prestigious website. <>

Stephen Allenson wrote (December 18, 2013):
[In his application to join the BCML]
A fanatical Bachophile here who'd like to read and contribute to the amazing site you run so well.


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