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Year 2015

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January 2015

Jan Leontsky wrote (January 1, 2015):
i wish you a very Happy New Year : Health and Happiness !
And long life to the great BCW !

With all my best Greetings from Odessa,

Tom Roper wrote (January 2, 2015):
[In his application to join the BCML]
I find the website very useful and would like to join the discussions

Frederick K. Gable [Professor of Music, University of California, Riverside, USA (retired)] wrote (January 6, 2015):
<> This is exceptional, I must say, for otherwise your huge website on the Bach cantatas is quite comprehensive and informative (I used it many times when I was teaching a Univ. course on Bach).

Cristina Martínez i Pujolar wrote (January 15, 2015):
<> Thanks for your web!

Barbora Kabátková [Soprano, Czech Republic] wrote (January 17, 2015):
[After her bio page on the BCW was updated]
thanks a lot for the update and for such a nice job as You do!

Maria Soulis wrote (January 18, 2015):
<> Thank you for the wonderful website. I look forward to perusing it when I have more time.

Luke Dahn wrote (January 19, 2015):

<> As always, I greatly appreciate your work!
Luke Dahn, PhD
Assoc. Professor of Music * Music Department Chair
Northwestern College (IA)
co-founder / co-Artistic Director
Ensemble: Périphérie
Luke Dahn

Stephen Lycett [Publicity Officer, Salisbury Musical Society] wrote (January 30, 2015):
<> I wondered if I might have your permission to use the interlinear text/ translation to be found on your excellent website. <>


February 2015

Jose Solis wrote (February 16, 2015):
First of all I'd like to thank you for your website, it's a great resource for all things Bach. <>

Grzegorz Skoczylas [Poland] wrote (February 20, 2015):
First of all, I would like to thank you for your enormous effort you put in the Bach cantatas page.

As a rookie, but eager Bach enthusiast, only since 2001, I am enchanted with your page. It is the biggest, the best and the most adequate source of information concerning Johann Sebastian Bach, his music, performers etc.


March 2015

Jon Arnold wrote (March 7, 2015):
Great. Thanks for all your help and wonderful resources.

Vivianne Aasturizaga wrote (March 12, 2015):
First of all, I love the web, is so useful and great information, congrats! <>

David Adams wrote (March 20, 2015):
I have enjoyed reading these pages for quite some time and have just come across what I think is an error.
As I have said above, I thoroughly enjoy these pages and these small errors or oversights are only that: small.

Alan Carrier [Seattle] wrote (March 20, 2015):
Do you have any idea how to contact Fidelio Records? I have tried the links on your great Bach Cantata site <>

Domenico Attenap wrote (March 23, 2015):
hello, I am a fan of JS Bach and I really appreciate your website.
<> I'm Italian and I live in Rome.
I often visit your page "Bach in art", I have a beautiful and well-stocked collection of busts, coins and cards and I'd like to share it with someone.
I wanted to make you my compliments.

Razvan Georgescu [Romania] wrote (March 24, 2015):
Thank you for the accept on your wonderful site, I will try my best to be bring my contribution and thoughts to the discutions. <>

Alexander More wrote (March 24, 2015):
<> Keep up the good work! Your web site is interesting and useful.

Richard Procter wrote (March 27, 2015):
Thank you for providing such a useful resource for learning the St Matthew passion as an English speaker! I've found it an immense help. <>

Chun-Ming Chen [Conductor, - Taiwan/USA] wrote (March 31, 2015):
I am honored to be featured on the Bach Cantata Website. <>

Patrick Depelley wrote (March 31, 2015):
<> What a big amount of work!

Francis Browne wrote (March 31, 2015):
I am aware and am grateful for all the work you do on the website <>


April 2015

Joseph Doody [Tenor, England] wrote (April 2, 2015):
<> I use your website frequently - it's a fantastic source of information and incredibly helpful!

Lindsay Armstrong [Dublin, Ireland] wrote (April 6, 2015):
[after cresting the page:]
I have just received your Discography page on your BCW.
It is so detailed and comprehensive. Thank you for taking so much time and trouble.
You must be devoted to J.S.Bach. <>

Sabine Valois [Académie Bach Aix, France] wrote (April 23, 2015):
<> Thank you very much for this offer. We use your site very often, since the beginning > of our Bach Academy and will be very happy to become part of it… <>

Txema Arnedo [Spain] wrote (April 28, 2015):
First of all I want to congratulate you for the site MARVELOUS!!!! <>


May 2015

Richard Resch [Tenor, Germany] wrote (May 2, 2015):
<> Thank you very much for managing the Bach Cantata Website and having me as a part of it!

Claude-Pascal Perna wrote (May 4, 2015):
Thank you so much ! And congratulations on your website, always so interesting ! Dear,

Johannes Flecker [Johannes Flecker] wrote (May 7, 2015):
thanks for doing this website! <>

Cuniacius wrote (May 10, 2015):
[In the application to join the BCML]
Thank you for maintaining this informative list and the comprehensive site for Bach cantatas.

Michelle Lundy [Harpist, Washington DC area, USA - Beau Soir Ensemble] wrote (May 15, 2015):
Thank you so much for emailing me back. Your website is super impressive. I meant to convey that the first time I reached out to you. <>

Bob Simmons wrote (May 23, 2015):
<> Can I express my grateful thanks for your website. I have been following the cantatas in sequence and in context since Advent, using the calendar, readings and scores on the website plus Dürr, and the website has made the process very straightforward.

Ingrid Marsoner [Pianist, Austria] wrote (May 23, 2015):
My name is Ingrid Marsoner, I am a pianist from Austria. Thank you very much for presenting me on your Site.
I feel very honored about this, as an interpreter of Bach`s music I like and admire your site very much. <>


June 2015

Diana Lewis Burgin wrote (June 5, 2015):
I was very impressed by your website and actually learned a few things I did not know. <>

Diana Lewis Burgin wrote (June 6, 2015):
[After adding theBio and Bach Discograpohy pages of Richard Burgin]
Thank you. I am very happy that my father is included on the Bach site and I think he would be too. Bach was his favorite composer and he was well known among musicians not only for his Bach performances but for his insights into Bach's violin works, especially matters of bowing, phrasing and articulation. It is really a pity that he did not record more. <>

Kristen Witmer [Soprano] wrote (June 10, 2015):
<> And thank you for creating my bio page on BCW. The website is of course very familiar to me as it assisted me many times when performing Bach! <>

Hélène Walter [Soprano] wrote (June 16, 2015):
<> It is a very agreable suprise to have a place on your website. Thank you very much!
I'm very impressed by your work! <>

Ofer dal Lal wrote (June 19, 2015):
<> Thank you for this wonderful website,

Richard Garfield [UK] wrote (June 26, 2015):
<> Thank you for a wonderful site – I have spent hours and hours just reading and admiring the knowledge of your contributors.

Arjen van Gijssel [Tenor, The Netherlands) wrote (June 28, 2015):
It has been a long time! I visit your marvellous site now and then, merely as a consumer. It is always very helpful! <>

David Rapier wrote (June 29, 2015):
I am the younger son of Wayne Rapier, an excellent biography of whom appears on your web site, >


July 2015

David McCord [Chico, CA, USA] wrote (July 4, 2015):
I'm enjoying your website <>

William Zeitler wrote (July 4, 2015):
<> FABULOUS website! Thank you!

Robin A. Leaver wrote (July 14, 2015):
<> I welcome your contact because if gives me the opportunity to thank both of you for the information you are sharing via the Bach Cantata Website.

Marc de Bolt wrote (July 16, 2015):
<> And congratulations for one of the most exciting websites on the Internet.
A must for every Bach lover, like myself ;-).

Ofer dal Lal wrote (July 26, 2015):

שלום אריה,
כאשר פניתי אליך לראשונה לא ידעתי שהאתר מנוהל ע"י אדם קורא עברית. זהו אתר נהדר
תודה על מקור מידע נפלא


August 2015

Eduard van Hengel [The Netherlands] wrote (August 7, 2015):
<> Thanks for the marvellous work you do on the BCM-site. Hope you'll take some holday also!

Erik Danciu [Explore Classical] wrote (August 8, 2015):
<> Moreover, I am thrilled to have discovered your very interesting page about Bach Cantatas! <>

Frits V. Herbold [Brazil] wrote (August 9, 2015):
Greetings from Brazil. I hope you are doing well. I am impressed with the growth of the BCW!!! <>

Diego Sánchez Haase [Diego Sánchez Haase, Paraguay] wrote (August 18, 2015):
Thank you very much for your message and for your interest. For many years we are working very hard with the Bach Society of Paraguay for the diffusion of the music of J.S. Bach in Paraguay.
I am a regular visitor to your website and I want to congratulate you for all the information that is available there about Bach´s music. And thank you very much for including our modest video from the cantata BWV 179. <>

Jelle Kalsbeek [The Netherlands] wrote (August 18, 2015):
<> Amazing site! Me and my fellow students have used the website often when doing research on Bach (our prof is Prof. Dr. A. Clement, at University College Roosevelt and Utrecht University).


September 2015

Gary Harney wrote (September 8, 2015):
<> In any case, I continue to be on your website at least once a day - often as many as a dozen times in a day, so thanks for all the work you put in.

Joy Fabos [Principal Librarian, Oregon Symphony - Portland, Oregon, USA) wrote (September 12, 2015):
I really appreciate your Bach Cantata website. <>

Matthew Zadow [baritone] wrote (September 15, 2015):
I love your website, it's the first place I go to for information when I am asked to do another Bach piece.

Jeannette Sorrell [Artistic Director - APOLLO'S FIRE | The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra wrote (September 19, 2015):
<> Thanks so much! Your website is a wonderful resource!

Luke Dahn [BCML] wrote (September 23, 2015):
<> Aryeh, an excellent reminder. I had almost forgotten about the reference to other composers using chorale tunes. The BCW is such a great resource! I plan to use the BCW extensively throughout the course and plan to have the students consult the site as well. If anything, the course will hopefully expand BCW exposure just a little bit. I've also been in contact with Thomas directly about this course, and he will be an invaluable resource as well. Thanks everyone.


David Réveillault [administrateur de production - orchestre des champs-élysées] wrote (September 29, 2015):
Mrs Ulrike BARTH is glad to discover that her « performer page » does exist onto your very nice, and useful website. <>


October 2015

Hans Gustav [via Facebook] wrote (October 1, 2015):
<> The BCW is great site!!!

Sarita Cafferata [Conductor, Argentina, via Facebook] wrote (October 3, 2015):
Thanks a lot for the pages, I liked all the work done very much. <>

Liliana Natalie Buickians [Soprano, USA, via Facebook] wrote (October 4, 2015):
I was recently told about your website covering all of Bach's Cantatas. It is an impressive undertaking. I had no idea I was featured on it as a soloist. Our mutual friend, David Chin, posted on my facebook wall, and I feel honored to be a part of it. <>

Marcus Patton [Belfast Bach Consort] wrote (October 8, 2015):
<> Needless to say, we make good use of your excellent site, and the singers usually download their parts from it. If you had instrumental parts we would use them too! - we often hire them from the ever-helpful London Bach Society.

Julia Sophie Wagner [Soprano, Germany] wrote (October 17, 2015):
first of all - thank you for your work, I am sure I can speak for all my colleagues when I say that I really appreciate it that you put so much time and effort into building this huge database. <>

Rachel Thompson [Soprano, via Facebook] wrote: (October 19, 2015):
Hi, thanks for your friend request - very coincidental timing as I had been using your wonderful cantata website that day! <>

Razvan Georegescu [Romania] wrote (October 23, 2015):
Hello, sir! First of all, let me thank you properly for the joy and intellectual delight of your beautiful site. I read almost all the e-mails, (at least, I try that) and I am so happy to see many people having my noble passion of listening and interpreting Bach's cantatas. <>

Christian Dehn Bang [Director - Enghave Barok, Copenhagen, Denmark, via Facebook] wrote: (October 29, 2015):
Thank you so much! I'm a great fan and regular user of and consider it a great honour that Enghave Barok is mentioned on your website. <>


November 2015

Josif Spartak [Prague, Czech Republic] wrote (November 1, 2015):
<> I think listening option directly from the BCW is great.
Thank You for Your noble job! BCW is very useful and convenient site!

Benoit Arnould [French Baritone] wrote (November 2, 2015):
<> Thank you very much for this update as well as the management of this website, which remains a very important working source for me.

Vincent W Devore wrote (November 28, 2015):
<> You perform a wonderful service as webmaster.

With appreciation,

Peter Harvey [Baritone, England] wrote (November 29, 2015):
<> The website is a tremendous resource - many thanks for your part in it.


December 2015

Christian Dehn Bang [Director - Enghave Barok, Copenhagen, Denmark] wrote: (December 5, 2015):
<> Once again thank you so much for your work with!

Bernhard Klaassen [Bonn, Germany] wrote: (December 6, 2015):
<> Thanks for your biographic service for musicians and best regards

Dann Coakwell [Tenor, USA] wrote: (December 12, 2015):
<> My bio had a great need of an overhaul, and I wanted to be sure to give it the necessary attention for such an important website as yours at <>

Wilbur Lin [Artistic Director | Chamber Philharmonic Taipei] wrote: (December 15, 2015):
Thayou indeed for including Chamber Philharmonic Taipei, our Bach project, and my personal biography on your website.
Thanks so much for providing the Bach music community with such a great website. Please also let me know if there's anything I can do for you in the future.


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