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Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Recommended Cantatas
General Discussions - Part 17: Year 2013

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Recordings: Bach Passions

William Hoffman wrote (January 29, 2013):
John Butt and the Dunedin Consort have recorded a new St. John Passion in a premiere of its original vespers liturgical context with congregational chorales, motets, and organ chorale preludes, for releases on Linn CD, March 18. For details, see The current BBC Music Magazine (February) also has information on its Magazine Awards 2013 choral nominees that includes Simon Rattle's Berlin DVD Peter Sellars staging of the St. Matthew Passion.

William Hoffman wrote (January 29, 2013):

Julian Mincham wrote (January 29, 2013):
[To William Hoffman] The link does not seem to be still alive. John Butt, by the way, was recently honoured for his work with the order of the British Empire.


New series of Cantatas on DVD

Randy Lane wrote (March 26, 2013):
I found 42 new (forthcoming) listings for DVDs similar to the one linked below on JPC.DE this morning. Is anyone familiar with this series? Seems awfully expensive given each DVD only has one cantata: JPC

Wilfried Schnetzler wrote (March 26, 2013):
[To Randy Lane] Yes, it is a very nice project, you may find the Details and some Video-Clips here:
and on Youtube:

There are some CD's available too. see the shop on

Hope it helps...

Aryeh Oron wrote (March 26, 2013):
[To Randy Lane & Willian Schnetzler] This cantata series is already presented on the BCW. See:
and all the relevant cantata pages.


BCW: New & Upcoming Recordings of Bach's Works

Aryeh Oron wrote (August 2, 2013):
I came to the conclusion that if I want to keep the discography pages of the BCW updated, I must keep the section of New & Upcoming Recordings as updated as possible.

This section includes two pages for each month: Vocal Works / Instrumental Works. Both new releases and reissues of old recordings are listed. For your convenience all the monthly pages are inter-linked and you can easily move back and forth from month to month.

I have recently updated this section to include all the new & reissued recordings of Bach's works from 2011 (and even earlier) up to the most recent. I have decided to leave out compilations of selections from albums on which the works are available complete.

The main sources of information are record labels, record stores, and the artists. Release dates differ from country to country and from continent to continent. As a rule of thumb, each recording is placed according to the earliest world-wide release date, of which I am aware.

My goal is that the info would be as comprehensive, as accurate and as updated as possible. The data presented for each recording usually includes: full list of artists, list of works and TT for each, recording date/s and venue/s, front & back cover photos and more. There are links to the artist bios, work pages/discographies and artist discographies, all on the BCW.

Main page:
Main page of 2013:
Recent months are also linked from the Home Page of the BCW: [9th row / middle box]

Of course, if you are aware of a new/re-issued recording I have missed, please do not hesitate to inform me.


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