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Violin in Bach's Vocal Works

Baroque bows

Bradley Lehman wrote (December 2, 2004):
John Pike wrote:
< And types of expression (phrasing, articulation, etc) that can't really be separated from the music before 1750, but merely simulated (to some degree) with the entirely different Tourte bows. >
There's a new two-part article surveying all these various types of bows, "New light on the old bow" by Robert Seletsky. That's in the May and August issues of Early Music. It's an update and expansion of his New Grove article, allowing more scope for illustrations and footnotes.

That May issue also has a good article about slide trumpets.

See also the Nov/Dec issue of Fanfare, the interview with Rachel Barton Pine, where she discusses her experience playing both modern violin and Baroque violin regularly (with various bows), and her reasons and venues for choosing either one.

Dale Gedcke wrote (December 2, 2004):
[To Bradley Lehman] Is the May issue of "Early Music" accessible over the Internet? I did a Google search and couldn't find it. I am particularly interested in the article on the slide trumpet.

Bradley Lehman wrote (December 2, 2004):
[To Dale Gedcke]


Solo Violin in Bach's Cantatas

Mark Oshida wrote (January 1, 2013):
Would anyone happen to know how many of Bach's cantatas contain an aria involving solo violin (e.g., BWV 58, 157, BWV 197, 147)? Even a rough estimate would do.

I'm also interested in learning generally about Bach's use of solo violin in his cantatas. If anyone has seen any good books or articles on the topic, I would be most interested in reading them.

Many thanks,

Aryeh Oron wrote (January 1, 2013):
To Mark Oshida] Welcome aboard!
I suggest using the function of Search Works/Movements on the BCW:
Simply insert the term Vns into the search box and you will get them all.

Happy New Year!

Henner Schwerk wrote (January 1, 2013):
To Mark Oshida] These ae the arias in the cantatas with "Violino obligato"“, but somwtimes Bach prefers the "Violino obligato" as a group of violins (like in 150 "Soprano, Continuo, "Viol. all unis.")

Sopran and Violin
30, 30a, 36, 47, 57, 58, 76, 147, 150, 171, 186, 196, 202, 204, 205

Alt and Violin
2, 11, 75, 86, 103, 132, 146, 213

Tenor and Violin
9, 29, 36b, 43, 97, 101, 108, 139, 148, 160, 165, 184, 201, 206

Bass and Violin
32, 59, 98, 117, 178, 187, 201, 212

Sopran, Alt and Violin

Sopran, Tenor and Violin,
145, 208

Sopran, Bass and Violin

Alt, Tenor and Violin

Tenor, Bass and Violin

Happy New year to everybody!

Mark Oshida wrote (January 1, 2013):
[To Aryeh Oron] Thank you so much, Aryeh! Your guidance has been much appreciated. Happy new year to you.

Douglas Cowling wrote (January 2, 2013):
Henner Schwerk wrote:
< These ae the arias in the cantatas with "Violino obligato"“, but somwtimes Bach prefers the "Violino obligato" as a group of violins (like in 150 "Soprano, Continuo, "Viol. all unis.") >
Does this include the cantatas where the soloist is designated "principle"?
What is Bach's manuscript terminology as opposed modern equivalents?

Henner Schwerk wrote (January 2, 2013):
[To Douglas Cowling] The Information is from the Book "Handbuch der Bachkantaten" Werner Neumann, Breitkopf und Härtel 1947
Edition by the new Bach Society
I think there is a newer Edition of this Book available.
In this Book there are many lists, that are useful, when i'm looking for Bach cantata Music for the service: for example an overview of the choralmelodies in the cantatas or a list of the Instruments, that are used by Bach.
I think the list does not include the "vl. principle" works, because in this case this violin is additive to the strings.

Julian Mincham wrote (January 2, 2013):
[To Henner Schwerk] It is a useful book though when I last looked it was only available in German. Is anyone aware of an English translation?

Mark Oshida wrote (January 2, 2013):
[To Henner Schwerk] Many thanks, everyone! Your input has been extremely helpful.

I have a follow-up question relating to what the earlier list from Henner might include and might not include. For example, BWV 158 and BWV 197 feature "violino solo" according to the BGA score, yet these were not on the list. Would anyone have an idea why the Neumann book wouldn't have classified these with the other arias featuring "violino obligato"/"violino solo"?

Neil Halliday wrote (January 5, 2013):
[To Mark Oshida] Here is another useful site for such research.

Go to the 'arias sorted by instruments', and then

'arias con violino solo'

BWV 158 and BWV 197 are included in this extensive list.


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