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Reglint Bühler (Soprano)

Born: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

The German soprano, Reglint Bühler, grew up in a home, which was maintained with active house music. She attended elementary school in her hometown, and since 1985 in ancient languages branch of the high school Thomasschule Leipzig. She studied singing at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy" in Leipzig with Professor Gerda Schriever-Drechsel. In 1994, she began teaching at the Musikschule Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach". In 1996, she passed the examination for the degree programs graduateed with diplomas for music singing and music pedagogy. In 1996, she had artistic postgraduate studies with Christa Mrs. Kammersängerin Professor Christa Nowak. In 199, she completed her concert exams with "excellence". She alsp participated in master-classes with Kurt Equiluz, Horst Günther, Wolfram Rieger, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, and Maria Venuti.

Reglint Bühler has participated in various opera productions: in 1993 opera project Halle-Petersberg as Arianna in Lamento d'Arianna by Claudio Monteverdi and Dido and Aenaeas by Henry Purcell as Belinda; in 1994 at Leipziger Hochschulinszenierung as Belinda in Dido and Aenaeas by Henry Purcell; in 1993 and 1995 guest engagement at the Opernhaus Halle in Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten as Emmy; in 1997 the role of Lucia in The Rape of Lucretia by B. Britten at the Hochschulinszenierung in Leipziger Kellertheater.

Reglint Bühler has an active concert career in oratorio and cantatas, including Motets and Cantatas at the Thomaskirche Leipzig under Georg Christoph Biller and David Timm; Concerts with the Stuttgarter Bachakademie under Helmuth Rilling; Telemann-Sonntagsmusiken at the Konzerthalle "Georg Philipp Kloster; in Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg under Helge Scholz.

Reglint Bühler has participated in premieres and concerts of new music, including in the concert series "Musica Nova" at the Leipzig Gewandhaus under Friedrich Goldmann; with the Jenaer Philharmonie under Gunther Blumhagen; during the Vienna Festival in 1993 in the project "Zeitschnitte"; concerts in the Mitteldeutschen Rundfunks; with the Thüringer Symphonikern Rudolstadt-Saalfeld under Toni Steidl; with the ""Gruppe Junge Musik Leipzig" under Henrik Hochschild und Michael Schorcht. In in the field of new she has also taken part in various radio recordings.

Concert tours have taken her to France and the USA.

Since February 2000 Reglint Bühler is Head of the Department of singing and consultant for Music Schools in the region of Leipzig

Source: Reglint Bühler Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (July 2012)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2012)

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Georg Christoph Biller


Radio: BWV 19
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