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Cantus Domus (Choir)

Founded: 1996 - Berlin, Germany

The Berlinís choir Cantus Domus, which includes today over 45 young singers and gets along completely without public promotion, was carried over the years by great commitment and the enormous musical enthusiasm of its members. The core of the ensemble exists away, since the choir was created in 1996 as private initiative of former Zehlendorfer female high school graduates, in particular Lena Schönfelder.

In the meantime the choir enjoys of constantly growing popularity, is registered association and member of the Berlinís of the singer federation (Sängerbundes). The repertoire of the Cantus Domus covers works from the secular and sacred a-cappella literature and is ranging from the Renaissance over the Romantic to the Modern eras.

Tours have led the choir so far to Brandenburg, to Harz und auf Rügen. As unique musical and human experience remains the memory of a concert tour to White Russia and the community project with the chamber orchestra of the Minsk Philharmonic Concert Hall. Its conclusion was a non-profit intending concert to 15th Anniversary Tschernobyl disaster formed in April 2001 in the Gethsemane Kirche in Berlin. On the programme at that time stood the Mass in G major (BWV 236) by J.S. Bach as well as the Miserere by J.D. Zelenka.

The profile of the choir is shaped substantially by the fact that beside the music studies with the leader, they study correct singing with special teacher on a weekly basis. Even if the majority of the members of the choir pursue no musical study, the choir has become and important aspect of Berlinís music life, by the music and by the close friendly relations between the members.

Thereby the conductor Ralf Sochaczewsky, which leads the choir since its foundation, has the crucial part on of the musical advancement of the choir and the young singers place whose amazing musical abilities and high claims of quality meet new challenges again and again, in order to make their concerts a special musical experience.

Source: Cantus Domus Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (July 2004)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2004)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Ralf Sochaczewsky


BWV 131, BWV 236

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