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Ensemble Il Capriccio (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1999 - Germany

The ensemble Il Capriccio has developed personnel, stylistically and musically since its inception in 1999 to a very individual sound. Its members, who come from the Central European region to work together are outstanding musicians of international ensembles and professional orchestras or teach at music colleges. All the musicians of Il Capriccio have studied intensively with historical performance practice.

Il Capriccio respects in compiling its programs - with an emphasis on the 17th / 18th centuries - the known repertoire as well as unknown works and this contrasts and analogies about the epochs show in a very individual way. The use of period instruments is doing just the sound base for a very speaking and vivid way Il Capriccio communicate with each other on stage.

The concerts of Il Capriccio are flexible in instrumentation from the size of Baroque orchestra to the classical string quartet, which consists of the leaders of the ensemble. The violin solos are taken by the artistic director Friedemann Wezel. In addition, Il Capriccio works continuously with important artists such as Sergio Azzolini (bassoon) or Markus Brönnimann (flute). The highly successful collaboration with Sergio Azzolini already produced three common CD.

A further and special commitment Il Capriccio makes in the educational field of youth development, because in 2004 the ensemble founded its own Il Capriccio String Academy. Since then tghey give intensive courses and workshops regularly.

The self-governing ensemble performs regularly in cultural centers and prestigious concert series, including the Ludwigsburger Schloßfestspiele, Händelfestspiele Halle, Maulbronner Klosterkonzerte, Kultursommer Hohenlohe.

Members and Soloists of Il Capriccio

Violins: Judith Freise; Zsuzsanna Hodaz, Dietlind Mayer, Nico Norz, Annette Schäfer, Semadar Schidlowsky, Katka Stursova, Christine Trinks, Friedemann Wezel
Violas: David Dieterle, Hiltrud Hampe, Benjamin Herre
Violoncellos: Juris Teichmanis, Judith Wagner
Double-bass: Christian Undiz
Viola da gamba: Adina Scheyhing
Flutes: Stefanie Kessler, Christian Prader
Oboes: Magdalena Karosak, Ale Piquet
Bassoon: Sergio Azzolini, Frank Forst
Harpsichord: Beni Araki, Evelyn Laib, Kristian Nyquist
Organ: Evelyn Laib
Timpani: Toshinori Ozaki

Source: Il Capriccio Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (May 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2015, Septembewr 2016)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Jürgen Budday

Instrumental Ensemble

Vom Reiche Gottes (A great cantata with arias, choruses & chorales from 18 Bach Cantatas, compiled by Hans Grischkat)
BWV 245

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