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Ensemble Choral de la Côte, Nyon (Choir)

Founded: 1961 - Nyon, Switzerland

The Ensemble Choral de la Côte (= ECC), founded in 1961 by Edouard Garo, is a oratorio-choir composed of chorus-singers coming from the districts of the La Côte and of close France. The ECC is directed, since autumn 1992, by Christophe Gesseney.

The seventy something chorus-singers make an effort, by a musical and vocal work in-depth, to promote a music of quality, by offering to their listeners works often little known of the traditional and modern repertory. Like proof of this eclecticism, it is enough to traverse the posters in the concerts of these last years: Requiem by Maurice Duruflé, Filius prodigus by M.A. Charpentier, Psalm 112 by George Frideric Handel, Messa di Gloria by G. Puccini, Jonas by G. Carissimi, Berliner Messe by Arvo Pärt, Et la vie l'emporta by Franck Martin, Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) by J.S. Bach, Messiah by G.F. Handel, or lately Stabat Mater by A. Dvorák.

The ECC is not satisfied only with sacred music. It participates regularly in music festivals festive occasions (Expo.02, visit in E.MS.), early and modern secular works, and enjoys changing style and tempo between street songs, opera and musicals. The ECC performs occasionally a-cappela works or with the support of instrumental soloists, such Thierry Horber (piano), Christine Fleischman (harp), François Margot (organ).

The big works of the repertoire mobilise all the energy of the members who take part according to their competence and on a purely voluntary basis with the production of the concerts on all levels: logistics, advertising executive, technique, sponsoring, intendance... This human investment is rewarded by the production of quality events at a reasonable cost for the audience and with talented Swiss and foreign soloists and reputable instrumental ensembles (Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne, Sinfonietta de Lausanne, and Ensemble Baroque Du Léman).

For a few years, the ECC has produced CD versions of their concerts, where sound recordings are controlled by Jean-Daniel Noir (Studio La Folia - Gland). In 2004 the ECC performed for the first time Stabat Mater by A. Dvorák in collaboration with Vivace de Lausanne and l'orchestre Sinfonietta.


Source: Ensemble Choral de la C Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2005)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2005)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Christophe Gesseney


BWV 130
BWV 232 [2nd, 2009], BWV 244,

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