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Yoshifumi Hata (Tenor)

Born: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

The Japanese tenor, Yoshifumi Hata, studied under Shoichiro Tahara, Max van Egmond, and Hermann Christian Polster.

In 1979, Yoshifumi Hata's career as a tenor soloist started as he held his first recital accompanied by Michio Kobayashi. Among his most remarkable activities are the past 3 performances collaborating with Peter Damm, hornist of the Dresden National Opera Symphony Orchestra and the numerous recitals accompnied by Jörg Demus. In 1985, he joined the East Germany tour of the Telemann Institute Japan as a soloist and was highly praised there.

In 1991, Yoshifumi Hata went to study under the famous baroque singer, Max van Egmond, in Holland. Hence after, he has been invited to Holland as an evangelist in the Passion Week every year. He has also held recitals in Germany and Austria, which were quite successful and greatly applaused. During the term from 1993 to March 1999, he achieved the performances of the entire songs of Schubert, for which he was praised both in Japan and abroad. Since September, 1999, he has been continuing his newly started series of "Schubertiade".

Yoshifumi Hata is Soloist of the Telemann Institute Japan, Director of the Baroque Chor Telemann, Conductor of the Telemann Chamber Chorus, Representative of the Schubertiade Japan, Chief Producer of the Tanba Forest Schubertiade International Music Festival. As he has become director of the Baroque Chor Telemann in the year 2000, he is exploring to find a new direction of chorus based on his proficiency in vocal music and experiences.

Yoshifumi Hata is one of the most promising talented musician in Japan with many prominent activities, and among the awards he has received are: 1979 Osaka Cultural Festival Encouragement Award, 1986 Sakuya-konohana Award (Osaka), 1986 Kobe Nada Ward Lions Club Award, 1987 Osaka Cultural Festival Award, 1988 Osaka Cultural Festival Award, 1988 Osaka Prefectural Citizen's Theater Encouragement Award, 1989 Osaka Cultural Festival Award, 1993 Tokitada Sakai Music Award, 1995 Blumare Music Award, 1996 Hyogo Prefecture Arts Encouragement Award, 1996 Osaka Cultural Festival Encouragement Award.

Source: Baroque Chor Telemann Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2003)

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