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Michael Hoffman (Tenor)

Born: Champlin, Minnesota, USA

Thh American tenor, Michael J. Hoffman, obtained his his Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Minnesota (2009-2014). During his time at Minnesota, he was a Pond Voice Scholar and held a position as Tenor Section Leader of Westminster Presbyterian Church (August 2010-August 2014), allowing him to solo in many large oratorio and cantata works. In Fall 2014, he was awarded the Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation Voice Scholarship in honor of Harold A. Norblom at the University of Colorado- Boulder, which allows him to intensively, and intimately study his passions in vocal repertoire. He has spent his last two summers in Baden bei Wien, Austria at the Franz Schubert Institute studying the performance and poetry of German Lieder. While there, he studied with many Lieder legends such as Elly Ameling, Helmut Deutsch, Christa Ludwig and Robert Holl. While working with these master clinicians, his deep rooted passion for Lieder and its poetry brought him to the foreground of the art form through his profound interpretation and presentation of the harmony between text and song. He recently began his Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder (September 2014-May 2017).

Michael Hoffman has been acclaimed in performances for his captive and sincere stage presence as well as his warm embrace of audiences. He has sung with Opera Chorus of Skylark Opera Company (May-July 2011); and hass been Tenor Soloist at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church since September 2014. He is also a member of Oratory Bach Ensemble in Minneapolis. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. He works as a private voice instructor since January 2013.

Source: Oratory Bach Ensemble Website (2016); Michael Hoffman profile on Facebook; Photo 01: Stephanie Odegard; Photos 06-08: Gwyneth Glissmann
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Aryeh Oron (January 2017)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Matthew J. Olson


Member of Oratory Bach Ensemble:
Audio/Video (2015)
BWV 12, BWV 134
Video (2016):
BWV 230, BWV 93:

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