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Kammerchor Chemnitz (Chamber Choir)

Founded: Summer 1990 - Chemnitz, Germany

Starting point for the Kammerchor Chemnitz (Traditionschor Chemnitzer Abiturienten e.V.) was Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-EOS in summer 1990. The music teacher and choir director Ruth Winkler had together with former pupils the idea to inspire members of the school choir for the choir singing also after the exams. A letter of action had led to the first meeting, to which more than 50 former students came. The high school graduates of the 1989 and 1990 classes were thereby most strongly represented. There were appearances of the Traditionschor (tradition choir) first only in the context of the annual concerts of the school choir as well as in the Christmas period. In the spring of 1992 the first choir camp in the Fröbersgruen took place. In the same year the choir became a member in the newly-created Music Federation Chemnitz and since then is strongly involved in its activities. In the meantime the new building of the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium has become also firm component of each school choir concert of the Traditionschor. Beyond that members of the "Tradichores" supported the school choir with important tasks, such as participation in the 1st Saxonian choir competition in October 1993 in Dresden or the performances of the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff in the following year, as well as in the summer of 1998. There were further independent appearances of the Traditionschor, particularly in the Advent season. In addition the concerts age and nursing homes of the city become also a tradition.

In 1996 Ruth Winkler left the school service and handed over the direction of the "Gauß-Chores" to Wolfgang Richter. However, she remained as chief director of the Traditionschor. In the meantime Ruth Winkler took over herself within short time the direction of the Schwarzbachchor and the Chemnitzer Liederkreis - two additional Chemnitz' choirs. This three-fold load became a big problem, particularly in the Christmas season. Therefore, in heavy heart Ruth Winkler decided in summer 1998 to give the direction of the Traditionschor also to Wolfgang Richter. "New broom turns well" and in such a way the change of the choir leader brought also crucial changes for the choir itself. Following the advice of Wolfgang Richter, the members of the choir decided on the establishment of a registered association and gave themselves the name "Traditionschor Chemnitzer Abiturienten ". Moreover, the first big independent concert of the Traditionschor took place on December 18, 1999 in form of a benefit concert in favour of the Chemnitz' Jakobikirche.

In 1998 the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium of the Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Gymnasium was attached as branch office and after the school choirs of the new building-EOS and the Gaußgymnasiums became the "Goethechor" an important "source of new generation" for the Traditionschor. The choir was also strengthened in increasing measure by (former) pupils of the Dr.-Wilhelm-André-Gymnasiums. High point of 2000 was certainly the anniversary concert on the occasion of the 10-year existence on July 2 in the Chemnitz' Veranstaltungszentrum FORUM. That now second independent Christmas concert took place this time at the Eubaer Kirche. 2001 is noted by the participation of the choir in the 3rd Saxonian choir competition in Torgau. During the 20-minute appearance in the context of the valuation singing the choir exhausted its efficiency fully and became "good" with the descriptor and the 2nd Place in the category H. With the Christmas concert in the Chemnitz' Markuskirche a successful choir year found its worthy end.

With the two choir and organ concerts in 2002 the Traditionschor entered new terrain. The second of these concerts led the choir thereby across the Chemnitz' boundaries away after building of Löbau. Absolute high point of the yearly and past association history was the performance of the Cantatas 1, 3 and 6 of the Weihnachts-Oratorium (BWV 248) by J.S. Bach on December 26 at the Markuskirche Chemnitz. 2003 held ready new experiences for the choir. Thus the Traditionschor performed for the first time the musical arrangement of several works during the yearly service in Chemnitz and Wechselburg. In the Advent season came likewise a premiere: the Christmas concert at the Jakobikirche took place in co-operation with the Sächsischen Mozartgesellschaft. In addition the choir gave concert at the Church in Kühnhaide.



Source: Kammerchor Chemnitz Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (June 2005)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2005)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Wolfgang Richter


BWV 248/1,3,6

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