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Michael Raleigh (Choral Conductor, Counter-tenor)

Born: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The American choral conductor, counter-tenor, and music educator, Michael Raleigh, is a Boston native who grew up in Hyde Park and attended Boston Latin School (Class of 2011). He has played piano for 10 years, percussion for 6 years, and has studied voice off and on for 5 years, though he has been singing since childhood. He studied jazz piano at Berklee College of Music in high school through the City Music program and the Berklee five week summer program. While completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and German at Harvard University (2011-May2016), he studied voice as a counter-tenor with tenor Charley Blandy, was a member of the Harvard Glee Club under the direction of Andrew Clark, and was the music director of the Harvard Lambda singers, an early music chamber vocal ensemble. He also conducted the Holden Chamber Singers, and played snare drum and cymbals with the Harvard University Band, managed the Harvard Summer Chorus and sang with Harvard Glee Club Lite, a pop music a cappella subset of the Harvard Glee Club. As an undergraduate, he developed an interest in the intersection of text and music in the German Romantic period, culminating in his thesis on Johannes Brahmsí Nänie. He currently studies choral conducting under George Case as a masters student at the Boston Conservatory. His interests centre around Renaissance and Baroque vocal music. He currently studies for his Master of Music degree in Choral Conducting at Boston Conservatory at Berklee (September 2016-2018).

Since September 2012, Michael Raleigh is the Associate Choirmaster of the Parish of All Saints Choir of Men and Boys in Dorchester, where he conducts during weekly services and assists in the training of the boy sopranos. Prior to this role, he served as an alto staff singer. As the Associate Choirmaster, he has conducted performances of many works, including Maurice Durufléís Messe cum jubilo and Schubertís Mass in G. Working at All Saints has piqued his interest in the organ. He also serves as the accompanist for the choirs at Boston Latin School, where, in addition to his accompanist duties, he coaches students in preparation for auditions and performances, and is a substitute teacher. He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Source: Boston Organ Studio Website; All Saints, Ashmont Website (2012); Michael Raleigh profile on Facebook
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Aryeh Oron (August 2017)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Bálint Karosi


Member of First Lutheran Church Choir:
C-7 (2014, Video):
BWV 29

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