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Łukasz Rynkowski (Baritone)

Born: Poland

The Polish baritone and voice teacher, Łukasz Rynkowski, began his studies at Ukończyłem Państwową Podstawową Szkołę Muzyczną (Ukończyłem State Primary Music School). He continued at Grażyny Bacewicz in Warsaw in the clarinet and accordion class. Then he studied theory, clarinet and solo singing at the Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej (National School of Music) second degree with J. Elsnera in Warsaw; from where he moved to the Akademii Muzycznej im. F. Chopina w Warszawie (Academy of Music F. Chopin in Warsaw) at the Wydział Edukacji Muzycznej (Department of Music Education), where he studied conducting with Professor Bogdana Goli. Later he obtained Master of Arts degree at the Wydziale Wokalno-Aktorskim Akademii Muzycznej (Faculty of Vocal and Acting Academy of Music) in F. Nowowiejskiego in the solo singing class of Professor Piotra Kusiewicza.

During his studies, Łukasz Rynkowski worked with the Warszawską Operą Kameralną (Warsaw Chamber Opera), taking part in numerous chamber music concerts and opera productions. At the same time he began working as a teacher, making music recording and dubbing for films, series, promotional campaigns and advertising. In 2001-2002 he was a scholar at Gazety Pomorskiej w Bydgoszczy. He also collaborated with publishing houses school and pedagogical recording music for educational textbooks. While still a student he began working with Telewizją Podróże traveling as a journalist and television presenter. It was then that he learned most of what it is to work in front of the camera, how to handle a microphone, and what is the correct diction. At Współtworzyłem TV channel of Podróż, he served as a journalist and presenter, and his radio experience gained in Radiu GRA, for which, inter alia, interviewed Keanu Reeves. Cooperation with Waldemarem Malickim, took him while to the Festiwal Polskiej Piosenki (Festival of Polish Song) in Opolu, where he performed in 2006. The music, however, meant that for over a year he had the opportunity to learn singing in the Caribbean, where he worked with a local music school in Guadeloupe. He also collaborated with Creole choirs, leading classes of voice, diction and singing solo. Currently, he leads a singing class at the Szkole Muzycznej ANIMATO (School of Music ANIMATO) and cooperates with the Warszawską Wyższą Szkołą Humanistyczną (Warsaw School of Humanities) in Bolesława Prusa, where he teaches self-presentation training.

For many years Łukasz Rynkowski has been active with the teaching the people how to handle with such a sensitive but powerful instrument, which is the voice. In his work he focuses in particular on energy breathing and the use of a number of aspects of voice. Directing individuals outside voice coaching sessions also deals with issues related to the presentation, self-presentation and correctness of interpersonal communication. However, everything boils down to the ability of correct and conscious breathing. The broad musical education allows him to also be the arranger, accompanist and musical tutor. "

Source: Team Psychoterapia Bilateralna Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2016)

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