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Marie Friederike Schöder (Soprano)

Born: Germany

The German soprano, Marie Friederike Schöder, enjoyed an Intensive musical training from her early childhood on, as both parents are opera singers. Besides singing, she has an equally great passion for dance. She studied with her mother Juliane Claus (2000-2006), and with Krisztina Láki and Olaf Schöder (since 2005). She studied at the Martin-Luther University’s Institute for Music in Halle-Wittenberg under Juliane Claus and Olaf Schöder, graduating as a voice teacher in 2004, and receiving her Masters degree in Classical Singing in 2006. Master-classes taught by Julie Kaufmann (opera, operetta, 2005), Ruth Ziesak (opera and Lieder, 2003), Barbara Schlick (opera, oratoriuo concerts, 2008), Peter Schreier (Bach interpretation, 2007) and Krisztina Láki (opera, oratoriuo concerts, 2005-2010) topped of her education. Since 2010 her father Olaf Schöder is her only tutor. Her mother, Juliane Claus, is very supportive and always on hand with help and advice.

After completion of her studies, Marie Friederike Schöder accepted a call by the Städtebundtheater Halberstadt in the North Harz, where she debuted in many roles of her discipline. In the same year, she became an award recipient of the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg. From 2009 to 2013, she was part of the soloist ensemble of the Opernhaus Halle. Since then, she has been working self-employedly and has established herself internationally as a leading exponent of her discipline.

Marie Friederike Schöder is equally devoted to opera, concert and song - with a notable interest in the historical performance praxis of both early and contemporary music. From this ostensible difference, she draws essential impulses for her interpretation, acknowledged and honored both by the trade press and international juries (First Prize in the International Johann Sebastian Bach competition Leipzig 2008 and First Audience and Orchestra Prize Winner).

Marie Friederike Schöder is a welcome guest both in Germany and abroad, like the Gewandhaus Leipzig, die National Concert Hall Dublin, the Semper opera Dresden and renowned festivals like the Bachfest Leipzig, Mitteldeutsche Barockmusik, styriarte-Festival Graz, Barockfestival Mühlhausen, Barockfestspielen Frankfurt am Main and Batzdorf, Händelfestspiele Halle and Göttingen or the Festival Mitte Europa. She works with the Batzdorfer Hofkapelle, Michael Hofstetter, the Merseburger Hofmusik and Concerto Köln. In addition, she is an active member of theKölner Gesellschaft für Alte Musik“.

„Whether on the opera stage or in concert: the lyric-coloratura soprano and first prizewinner of the International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition (Leipzig 2008), Marie Friederike Schöder stands out with her clear, colorful voice and her commanding presence and dramatic enthusiasm.“

Source: Marie Friederike Schöder Website
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Aryeh Oron (June 2014)

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