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Uta Spreckelsen (Soprano)

Born: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The German soprano, Uta Spreckelsen, studied at the Frankfurt University Uta, and complted her studies for concert and opera singing at the College of Music there (Professor Reinhardtund Bernàt), which also co-oprated with The Studio for New Music and The Studio for Ancient Music. A high talented scholarship of the O. & V. Ritter-Stiftung (Hamburg) and the accommodation as prize-winner in the federal selection of the Hessian broadcast ‘Music Days for Young Soloists’ were further milestones in her singing career. As special programme dedicated to her ‘Potrait of the singer Uta Spreckelsen’ was also broadcasted.

Stations of Uta Spreckelsen's making music were among other things. Rome, Parma, Lisbon, Barcelona, Salzburg, Zürich (Tonhalle), Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam (Concertgebouw), the Hague, Berlin (Philharmonic Concert Hall), Munich (Nymphenburger Festival), Warsaw, Denmark, Flanders Festival as well as performance of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah (1996). Her spectrum of repretoire is widespread and rich - the usual concert repertoire including - from Benjamin Britten’s Requiem, through Francis Poulenc’s Gloria and Schumann’s Paradies und Peri to Monteverdi’s Marienvesper and Orfeo. Premieres of contemporary music complete the singer’s pallet. Substantial musical impulses resulted from co-operation with Maurice André (France), Michel Corboz (Switzerland), Fernando Eldoro (Portugal), Hemuth Rilling, Deutschen Bachsolisten (conductor: Helmut Winschermann), Hanns-Martin Schneidt and Peter Schreier (Germany) as well as the pianist Geoffrey Madge (Australia).

Counterpoint to the concert appearances with orchestras, choirs, conductors, Uta Spreckelsen initiated the ‘Vocal Yearbook’ and the Vocal Chamber Music Project series - which she structured and maintained in co-operation with the pianist and singing teacher Rainer Hoffmann - their requests bringing up for discussion and dramaturgy structure of concert programs.

As variously as the repertoire of Uta Spreckelsen is, so differently are the programmes she is bringing in the numerous CD recordings, represented by Bruckner’s Te Deum, Telemann’s two-person opera Pimpinone and Haydn’s solo cantata Arianna a Naxos.

The work of Uta Spreckelsen is rounded off by course and jury activity: in 1994-1996 she was guest professor in Japan; in 1994 she was chosen by the German Music Advice as first singing lecturer for the German Chamber Music course for Federal winners; in 1996 she gave summer course for vocal soloist ensembles in the Netherlands; in 1994 she was a member of the federal jury of the German Music Advice in the area Vocal Ensemble Music and Contemporary Music. The musical experiences and ideas of the soprano are meanwhile carried further also by her singing students (Professur College of Music Detmold / Department of Cathedral), from which there are already some scholarship holders and winner in national and international singing competitions.


Source: Hochschule für Musik in Münster Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2001)

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Michel Corboz


BWV 78, BWV 198

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