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Willow Flute Ensemble (Flute Ensemble)

Founded: 1996 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Willow Flute Ensemble (= WFE) is a 10-member group of musicians, specializing in all flutes from the tiny, high piccolo down to the deep-toned bass flute. When all four types of the flute family are played together, the result is a rich sound like no other. The WFE specializes in music from cultures around the world, expanding the styles of music available to flutes. Their recent CD, "World Winds" (2009), features music from Venezuela, Romania, Russia, and elsewhere. WFE performs European and American classical repertoire as well, both traditional and newly-composed.

Other recent projects from the WFE include commissioning new compositions; premiering new works; organizing concerts for more than 40 flutes (the popular “Mega-Flute” concerts); and frequent performances in concert halls, churches, libraries and community events throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Selected performances from the past few seasons include Waltham’s “3rd Sundays @ 3” chamber music series; the Winchester Community Music School Fundraiser for Japan Earthquake Relief; Arlington's Menotomy Concert Series; concerts at libraries in Amherst, New Hampshire and Quincy, Massachusetts; and two headlining nights at Harvard Square’s venerable Club Passim, which is widely-respected as a focal point of the national folk music scene. Whether it is a seaside art gallery, a children’s concert, or an invited performance at the National Flute Association Annual Convention, audiences rave about the variety of styles, the energy, the flexibility of sound, and just plain fun of listening to those unusual flute sounds. The Willow Flute Ensemble has published two CD's, available at CDBaby.

Orlando Cela was Music Director of the WFE from September 2000 to 2013. He arranged over a hundred works for the ensemble, from Baroque to contemporary, including folk music from five countries. His world music arrangements were highlighted on the ensemble's album, "World Winds." As of October 2015, the WFE were seeking a new Music Director to start in January 2016.

Source: Willow Flute Ensemble Website (2013-2014); Orlando Cela Website
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Aryeh Oron (December 2015)

Recordings of Arrangements/Transcriptions of Bach’s Works




Orlando Cela

Flute Ensemble

Video: Bach-O. Cela: BWV 225, arranged for flute ensemble

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