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Magnus Daniel Omeis (Poet)

Born: September 6, 1646 - Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany
Died: November 22, 1708 - Altdorf, Germany

Magnus Daniel Omeis was a German poet and philosopher of the Baroque. As a professor for rhetoric, poetry and moral he taught at the University of Altdorf, managed beyond that starting from 1697 under the pseudonym Damon II, he was a member of the Pegnesischen Blumenorden, a speaking and a literature company created by Georg Philipp Harsdörffer with bucolic background.

Magnus Daniel Omeis, son of the Deacon of the Nürnberg's church St. Sebald, studied first philosophy, later theology in Altdorfina. In 1667 he acquired the Magisterwürde, one year later he joined the Pegnesischen Blumenorden. After years of working as court master (i.e. in Vienna), he was appointed in 1674 as Professor. In addition, during his long academic career he was for several years long dean of the philosophical faculty in Altdorf, and was selected twice to the rector of this university.

The largest part of Magnus Daniel Omeis' work is of (moral-) philosophical nature: in 1669 he published Ethica Platonica about the principles of the Platonism; other writings carry titles such as De voluptate, De parsimonia or De aequitate. Omeis' poetics Gründliche Anleitung zur teutschen accuraten Reim- und Dichtkunst (Nürnberg 1704) draws thereby a picture of the language terms and the orthographic customs of the Pegnesischen Blumenorden that tried to establish rules for the German literature language.

In 1677 Magnus Daniel Omeis married Maria Rostia (born in Spain), who was likewise member of the Pegnesischen Blumenorden. He died in 1708 at the age of 62 years in Altdorf.


Source: German Wikipdia Website, English translatio by Aryeh Oron (June 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2006)

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