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Santu de Silva
wrote (September 26, 2005):
What is the meaning of this word? Does it simply mean 'entry'?

Douglas Cowling wrote (September 26, 2005):
[To Santu de Silva] The first line of a chant or chorale is called its "incipit" (= it begins) in both Latin and German. Thus the "Gloria in Excelsis" in the mass has the incipit of the "Gloria" and Cantata #4 has its title from the opening of the first chorus, "Christ Lag In Todesbanden". Bach often refered to the Sundays in the church year with Latin tags which were the incipits of the Latin introits of the mass (e.g. The First Sunday in Lent is called the Sunday Esto Mihi)

Margaret Mikulska wrote (September 26, 2005):
[To Santu de Silva] "Incipit" is the beginning of a text -- musical or verbal. NO, it doesn't mean entry. Catalogues of musical works often have incipits, i.e., first measures of each work listed.

Neil Halliday wrote (September 26, 2005):
[To Santu de Silva] Yes, in the sense of the first several notes of a music line.

Eg, the first 7 notes of the continuo in BWV 25 are the incipit of Hassler's chorale melody, which is given in full via the four wind-band sections sections (13 times 4 = 52 notes all up).

The incipit (first several notes, number not specific) of the first choral 'fugal subject' (with text "There is nothing of soundness...") consists of two 1/4 notes (not the same note) followed by 1/8 notes, whereas the incipit of the second choral fugue (with text "and is no peace...") consists of two or three repeated 1/8 notes (the same note is repeated), followed by a 1/4 note.

Neil Halliday wrote (September 26, 2005):
Margaret Mikulska wrote:
"NO, it doesn't mean entry".
Strictly speaking, I see you are correct, but nevertheless, we are in agreement as far as the meaning is concerned, despite the 'yes' and 'no' answer to Arch's question. :-)

Santu de Silva wrote (September 27, 2005):
[To Douglas Cowling] Aha! Thnaks!

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