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Kurt Jensen



Kurt's passing

Tracey Jensen
wrote (September 26, 2005):
Hi, My name is Tracey Jensen. My husband, Kurt Jensen, subscribes to this list. I don't re3ally know how much he participated, but I would assume he did participate somewhat.....if any of you happen to know him, I just wanted to let you know that he passed away. I'm absolutely devastated and am trying to let his email contacts know. If any of you have had conversations with him that you want to know more information, please let me kmow if you want more information. This list meant a lot to him and he listened to each and every piece that was discussed. Thanks, Tracey Jensen.

John Pike wrote (September 26, 2005):
[To Tracey Jensen] I am sure I speak for everyone when I say how very sorry I am to hear this sad news.

With condolences

Leonardo Been wrote (September 26, 2005):
Dear Tracey,

Thank you for informing us of Kurt's passing.

If you can, at this time, share with us something about his now past life, I would welcome it.

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