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BCW - New Section - Bach Stamps

Aryeh Oron wrote (September 22, 2007):
I am glad to inform you of a new section in the BCW - Bach Stamps. The concept of this section was conceived by Teddy Kaufman, who has also compiled all the presented material.

Teddy writes: "It is my feeling that it should be emphasized that the glory of Bach is world wide accepted and appreciated even in the 3rd world countries. That was my main purpose, in addition to the artistic and iconographic aspects of the stamps which personally very much appeal to me."

The Bach Stamps section has 2 Index pages:
By Country:
(also linked from the Home Page of the BCW)
By Event:

If you are aware of a Bach Stamp not presented in this section, and/or if you find an error or missing info, and/or if you have ideas for improvements, please inform either Teddy Kaufman or me OFF-LIST.


Bach Memorabilia Section - A Present for the New Year

Aryeh Oron wrote (December 25, 2007):
Teddy Kaufman, a member of the BCML/BRML, has initiated a new section in the BCW called Bach Memorabilia. He has also contributed most of the material for this section.

J.S. Bach is one the most popular composers of classical music. He has become a world-wide icon, known by almost every human being in the civilized world, including people who do not listen regularly to classical music. Being an icon means that Bach image and/or name appears on numerous items, musical and non-musical alike.

The Bach Memorabilia section aims at presenting every item on which Bach image and/or name appears (excluding recordings and books, which are presented elsewhere in the BCW).

The Bach Memorabilia section is divided into several groups.

Art & Collector Items: Paintings & Pictures; Posters & Graphic Art; Statues, Memorials, Monuments & Plaques; Busts, Figurines & Statuettes; Caricatures & Cartoons; Stamps & Envelopes; Medals, Medallions & Coins.
Home, Office & Dress: T-Shirts; Ties, Handkerchiefs & Scarves; Buttons & Pins; Jewelry & Ornaments; Hats; Umbrellas & Fans; Bags; Clocks; Mugs, Cups & Steins; Toys & Dolls; Costumes & Wigs; Calendars; Pens & Pencils; Mousepads; Accessories.

Each item in the Bach Memorabilia section has its own page, in which the data presented include: type, title, description, measures, comments, source/links, and of course photo/s.

The material in this section is organized in two methods:
* Index by Type/Number
* A page for each type, in which you can see in one glance many items in smaller sized photos.
See, for example, Bach Busts, Figurines & Statuettes:
Both ways lead you, of course, to the item pages.

I am not sure that the Bach Memorabilia section would enrich your understanding of Bach's music. However, it might give you moments of pleasure when you listen to his music. I hope that it would attract more people to Bach and his music.

The material for this section has been compiled through extensive research all over the web. Teddy is continuing skillfully his search for new items. Nevertheless, if any of you are aware of a Bach Memorabilia item not presented in the Bach Memorabilia section, please send the material (info, photos, links) to me off-list.

A Happy New Year to you all!


Bach in Heaven

Douglas Cowling wrote (June 8, 2013):
Sweet -- but the artist has clearly never looked at an organ: no pedalboard:

Kim Patrick Clow wrote (June 8, 2013):
[To Douglas Cowling] Bach on Na'vi! It's a cool piece though.

I guess the pedals would have been hidden in the grass, had the painter been 100 percent accurate. Artistic license I suppose, and all that ;)

Wahlstedt Jyrki wrote (June 8, 2013):
[To Douglas Cowling] The figure seems a bit too thin, too:)

Douglas Cowling wrote (June 8, 2013):
Wahlstedt Jyrki wrote:
< The figure seems a bit too thin, too:) >
In heaven, we are all thin and beautiful.

Ed Myskowski wrote (June 8, 2013):
Douglas Cowling wrote:
< In heaven, we are all thin and beautiful. >
Is that because, as the Polka lyric goes, "There is no beer in heaven"?

Julian Mincham wrote (June 8, 2013):
Edy Myskowski wrote:
<"There is no beer in heaven"? >
Wouldn't suit Bach then!


Bach on the road again ...

Douglas Cowling wrote (August, 2013):
Classic FM's Page on Facebook: Photos: Dud! Bach off.


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