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Ramin Bahrami (Piano)

Born: 1976 - Teheran, Iran

The Iranian pianist, Ramin Bahrami, studied with Piero Rattalino at the conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan, at the Accademia Pianistica “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola and with Wolfgang Bloser at the Hochschule für Musik in Stuttgart. He participated in master-courses with Alexis Weissenberg, András Schiff, Robert Levin and, in particular, with Rosalyn Tureck, the artist who, more than any other in the 20th century, popularized Bach’s works through her research and performances.

In February 1998 Ramin Bahrami made his debut at the Teatro Bellini in Catania, the success he achieved was so extraordinary that the major of the city, Enzo Bianco, appointed him honorary citizen. The concert was recorded and broadcast on the Mediaset television network. In the same year he went on a tour to Mexico where he achieved tremendous success by the audience and the critics. During the following years he performed regularly at well-known concert-halls in Italy and Germany: At Milan for the Società dei Concerti and the Serate Musicali at the Sala Grande of the conservatory, at the Teatro delle Erbe and at Aula Magna dell’Universita “L. Bocconi” during the Festival Pianistico at Amalfi, at the Teatro Comunale at Modena, at the Alterforum Festival at Rimini, at Mittelfest di Cividale del Friuli, at the “Festival delle Città” at Portogruaro, at the Teatro Comunale at Bologna and at the Unione Musicale at Turin. He performed with the Orchestra Sinfonica della Fondazione Arturo Toscanini at Parma and with the Orchestra “Guido Cantelli” at Milan.

In November 1999 Ramin Bahrami performed the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) during an “Evening of Honour for Rosalyn Tureck.” The Partitas, as well as the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988), were presented within concerts of the Accademia Filarmonica “V. Bellini” at Messina, at the Università degli Studi at Salerno and during the Concerti della Normale at the Teatro Verdi at Pisa. Recently he achieved great success for his performances of the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) at the Palazzo del Quirinale (live broadcast by Radiotre RAI and afterwards several times broadcast by various radio stations within the transmission range of European broadcastings) for the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, at Accademia Bartolomeo Christofori di Firenze as well as for his performance of the complete Partitas by Bach in many Italian and German concert halls (including the Auditorium di Milano) and further with the Concerts for Piano and Strings by Bach.

In July 2005 Ramin Bahrami participated in the final concert of the XXX Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano where Hans Werner Henze’s chamber concert with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Jan Latham-Koenig was performed. In March 2006 he participated during a performance of the concert KV 466 by Mozart and the Fantasia Op. 80 for Piano, Choir and Orchestra by L.v. Beethoven, accompanied by the Kammerphilharmonie Stuttgart.

In addition to Ramin Bahrami's concert activity there is also to place emphasis on his recordings: After his three debut discs for the Italian label Aura with music by Bach and Mussorgsky, Decca recently published his recordings of the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) and the 7 Partitas by Bach. Presumably in autumn 2006 the Art of Fuge (BWV 1080) by Bach will be published again by Decca.

Source: Ramin Bahrami Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2007)

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