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Karl-Friedrich Beringer (Conductor)

Born: January 7, 1948 - Neuendettelsau, Bavaria, Germany

The German conductor, Karl-Friedrich Beringer, srudied at the Meistersinger-Konservatorium in Nürnberg. In 1970, he founded as a student, the Amadeus-Chor and the Amadeus-Orchester. From 1976 to 1978 he headed the Internationalen Jugendfestspielchor in Bayreuth.

In 1978 Karl-Friedrich Beringer was appointed successor of Hans Thamm as Director of the Windsbacher Knabenchor. Within a very short period of time he has helped the choir - founded in 1946 - to gain a high degree of artistic recognition. Particularly since the middle of the 1990’s, Beringer has worked hard at building up its high international profile, so that the choir is now widely regarded as ‘one of the leading ensembles of its kind’ (Wiesbadener Kurier).

Since 1981, Karl-Friedrich Beringer - with countless conducting and directing credits to his name - has appeared regularly with the Windsbacher Knabenchor at international music festivals and selected series of concerts. As a director who ‘ makes music speak’ (Luzern heute) and who creates ‘the perfect setting’ for Bach’s music in particular, by his use of ‘sound language, the sense of the words and the form of the music itself’ (F.S - Weltsymposium der Chormusic, 1999), he is always to be found at the international Bach Festival (Schaffhausen), the Brandenburg Musiksommer and the Rheingau Music Festival, to name but a few.

The emphasis of Karl-Friedrich Beringer’s intensive work with the Windsbacher Knabenchor is a capella music from the Renaissance to the present day. He is also constantly in demand with internationally-renowned vocalists, instrumentalists, and orchestra - for example, the Vienna, the Prague and the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Münchener Rundfunkorchester and the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. He has won particular recognition as choir director for his interpretation of J.S. Bach’s Mass in B minor (BWV 232), the St Matthew Passion (BWV 244) and St John Passion (BWV 245), George Frideric Handel’s Messiah (in English), Felix Mendelssohn’s Elias and Mozart’s Requiem.

In 1986, Karl-Friedrich Beringer was rewarded the Order of Merit for his outstanding services to the youth of by the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker. On February 12, 2008 he also received an honorary doctorate from Augustana-Hochschule. At the end of 2011 he left the Windsbacher Knabenchor after serving as its Director for 33 years.

Source: Liner notes to Rondeau CD ROP-2006 (Cantatas BWV 215 & BWV 195, conducted by K.F. Beringer, 2000); Klassik Com Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2001, June 2012); Manfred Krugmann (Photo 13, June 2012)

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