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Gianluca Campagnolo (Clarinet, Conductor, Composer)

Born: Italy

The Italian clarinettist, conductor and composer, Gianluca Campagnolo, had studied clarinet under Maestro Francesco Lombardo, and he graduated at the Catania’s Conservatory Vincenzo Bellini in 1986. He worked in the Orchestra of the Massimo Theatre (Catania) in 1986, in 1988 and in 1990. He has attended to the specialization courses at the Academy Chigiana in Siena and at the Musica Riva of Riva del Garda, under the teachers Giuseppe Garbarino and Karl Leister; he has also attended to the courses of Professional Qualification for the Orchestra with the teachers Angelo Faja, Giacinto Caramia, Carlo Pozzi and Giuseppe Prencipe, and to a master-class with Richard Stoltzman at the School of Music of Fiesole. In 1991 he obtained the Diploma of “Expert in Psycology of Selfeducation” at the Centre of Research and Social - Psyco-Pedagogic Studies of Terni and the International Prize “Prometheus” for the artistic achievements in 1993.

Gianluca Campagnolo has practiced with the best world famous clarinettists , winning numerous prizes. In 1987 he won as a clarinettist the 1st Prize at the National Competition City of Modica; the same year he was semifinalist at the International Competition City of Caltanissetta; in 1988 he got the 1st Prize at the National Competition City of Capo d’Orlando; in 1989 he won the 3rd Prize at the National Competition City of Sannicandro Garganico; in 1990 the 1st Prize at the National Competition City of Modica and in 1991 he got the 1st Prize at the National Competition City of Venetico. As a component of Polyedric Clarinet Quartet he got to the national finals held in Roma by the Stella Records label. In 1993, as a conductor of the Mediterranean Orchestra of Clarinets he took part in the National Competition City of Modica winning the 3rd Prize; in 1994 he won the 2nd Prize at the National Competition Fiumara of Arts of Castle Tusa. As a conductor of E. Ciaceri Orchestra he won the 2nd prize at the National Competition City of Balestrate in 2002; he won the 1st Prize at the National Competition City of Castello in 2004 and at the European Competition City of Campobello di Licata in 2005.

Gianluca Campagnolo has performed more than 1,000 concerts in Sicily and abroad, as a soloist and in various chamber music groups and orchestras (in particular he was appreciated on the occasion of Katia Ricciarelli’s Recital at the Castle of Donnafugata in August 2004), the Lesson-Lecture on Mozart, Stadler and the Clarinet on the occasion of the year dedicated to Mozart, in Catania’s Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, the concerts with review and public success in Malta, Holland, France, Indonesia and El Salvador. He played with the Orchestra of the Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini, with the Iblea Symphonic Orchestra, with the Symphonic Young Orchestra of Sicily and with the Capita Selecta Hollandian Orchestra. The Japanese composer Masataka Matsuo has praised his interpretative qualities inviting him to play the compositions Phono III and Distraction

Currently Gianluca Campagnolo is teaching Clarinet at the State Institute of Music E. Ciaceri’ in Modica. Recently he has been invited to teach “Methodology of expressive activities” at the Faculty of Forming Sciences in Catania, and also to do Clarinet lessons at the Pelita Harapan University of Jakarta and at the El Salvador University. He used to be a member of judges in various National and International Competitions.

Gianluca Campagnolo has recorded 14 CD’s, and has taken part in several programmes on private and public networks - as RAI - and in radio broadcast.

Gianluca Campagnolo is a composer and a member of SIAE. His compositions were published by the Musical Editions Novalis and Montefeltro” and he has also published numerous essays and articles. he has published a Method for Clarinet in 10 volumes (printed by By Bess) and a New Complete Method for Clarinet in 13 volumes in both Italian and English..

Gianluca Campagnolo is official artist of Buffet Crampon, Vandoren Reed and Lomax Classic Mouthpieces.

Source: Gianluca Campagnolo Website
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Aryeh Oron (September 2013)

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