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Cantata Singers (Vocal & Intrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1964 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Cantata Singers was founded in 1964 to prepare and present what was then a long-neglected repertoire, the cantatas of J.S. Bach. Since that time, led by such distinguished music directors as John Harbison (1969-1973, 1980-1982), John Ferris (1976-1980), and David Hoose (from 1982), the group has expanded its repertoire to include works from the 17th century to the present day. Winner of the 1995 ASCAP/Chorus America Award for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music, the organization is dedicated to challenging programming, including the commissioning of new works.

Under the direction of David Hoose, the 44-member Cantata Singers chorus presents an annual subscription series of eight concerts with its chamber orchestra in Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory in Boston, as well as a chamber series featuring vocal chamber works under the direction of pianist Kayo Iwama.

The Cantata Singers has recorded works of J.S. Bach, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, Arnold Schoenberg, and Igor Stravinsky, as well as the contemporary composers Irving Fine, David Chaitkin, Seymour Shifrin, John Harbison, Charles Fussell and Peter Child. The Cantata Singers' recordings and performances can be heard regularly on local and national radio, most often on WGBH-FM in New England and on the program First Art throughout the USA.

In addition to concert activities, the Cantata Singers sponsors an educational program called "Classroom Cantatas" in the Boston Public Schools. This program introduces composition and performance preparation to elementary, middle, and high school students; by the end of the 12-session residency students with little or no prior musical experience have written and performed their own musical compositions.

Music Directors

John Harbison (1969-1973, 1980-1982)
John Ferris (1976-1980)
David Hoose (1982-Present)

Members of Cantata Singers Chorus:





Luellen Best
Kathryn Carlson
Sue Carlson
Lauren Cecchini
Farah Darliette
Kumi Donaghue
Nancy Dunkley
Sally Gordon
Joanna Griscom
Angelynne Hinson
Kathy Howard
Sue Ellen Kuzma
Nancy Kurtz
Lisa Lynch
Hannah McMeans
Susan K. Navien
Hazel O'Donnell
Kynesha Dawn Patterson
Nira Pollock
Karyl Ryczek
Felicity Salmon
Epp Sonin
Mary Beth Stevens
Caroline Stouffer
Christine Swistro
Carole Taynton
Lisl Urban
Joyce Walworth
Alexandra Whitfield

Louise Bécam
Elaine Bresnick
Paula Dickerman
Anne Dow
Sheryl Elkin
Carola Emrich-Fisher
Bonnie Gleason
Pamela Ikauniks
Kim Leeds
Amy Lieberman
Susan Lovell
Blair McElroy
Deborah Cundey Owen
Eleanor Russell
Mary Anne Sego
Claire Shepro
Diane Sokal
Colleen Schwitzgebel
Lynn Torgove
Esther Traub
Jennifer Webb
Andrea Wivchar
Sara Wyse-Wenger
Barbara Winchester
Majie Zeller

Timothy Bakland
Brian Bennett
Thomas A. Best
Christopher Casrlson
Ethan DePuy
Carey D. Erdman
Bruce Fithian
N. Thorne Gricsom
Edward Hinson
Charles Husbands
Robert Loud
Daniel Mahoney
Michael Merullo
Peter A. Owens
Eric Christopher Perry
Dwight E. Porter
Daniel Rosensweig
Jason Sabol
Richard Simpson
John Svullin
Stephen Williams

Christopher Berns
Richard Butler
Edward Candidus
Lawrence Chvany
Brian Church
Mark Andrew Cleveland
Benjamin Cole
Shelby Condray
James Frens
Eugene Gover
John Graef
Robert Henry
James Liu
Alan McLellan
Ian Pomerantz
Will Prapestis
Warren Pyle
David Rockefeller Jr.
David Rolnick
Ethan Sagin
Stefán Sigurjónsson
Matthew Stansfield
Scott Street
Charles Turner
Dana Whiteside
Ron Williams


Source: Cantata Singers Website
Contributed by
Daryl Yoder (September 2002, July 2015)

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