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Duo Caputo Pompilio (Guitar Duo)

Founded: 1994 -- Italy

After winning the 11th edition of the most important international guitar duo competition in Montelimar (France), the first Italians ever to have done so, the duo Giuseppe Caputo / Luciano Pompilio firmly established themselves on the international music scene, gaining recognition from fellow musicians and also the press in the process.

The duo was created in 1994, with the specific idea of seeking and developping original repertoire from the 18th and 19th century for two guitars. In a little over a decade of exisiting, they have imposed themselves as one of the most interesting and admired artists to evolve from Italy. Endowed with extraordinary professionalism and technical mastery, the two young talents have attracted the attention of the public and the critics alike for the equality, sensibility, refinement and mutual agreement they show in every appearence.

Since 1994 the duo have appeared in all the major music halls in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, France, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Montenegro etc. performing in the most prestigious festivals such as the “Andres Segovia Festival” in Madrid, the “House Museum” of Andres Segovia in Linares, the Summer Festival in Toulouse, the Guitar Festival in Syracuse and the Morelia Festival in Mexico, receiving unanimous acclaim from critics everywhere. In the same year the duo received numerous musical awards and prizes in both national and international competitions and won 14 ” first prizes” unanimously.

Simultaneously, the duo attended the “Triennial International Concert Formation Course” near the Arts Academy in Rome, graduating with maximum marks under the guidance of Maestro Stefano Palmidessi and further perfecting themselves under David Russell, Alberto Ponce, Hopkinson Smith, Angelo Gilardino, David Starobin, Carlos Bonell and the brothers Sergio and Odair Assad. Recently some of their concerts have been recorded and re transmitted on Rai-radio 3, Radio Vaticana, Radio Ukraine and France Musique. Their CD’s are regularly played by Radio Vaticana .

In March 2007 they were the protagonists of the first national and third world performance of the double concerto for two guitars and orchestra The book of signs by Leo Brower. The guitar duo have recorded several CD’s: “Petit Dejeuner” and “Works for guitar duo” essentially dedicated to the 18th and 19th century repertoire, a cd of Spanish music entitled “Spanish Atmospheres” with the English soprano Anita Biltoo, and recently the two teachers have enriched their output with an interesting and prestigious recording of the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) by J.S. Bach, reviewed in the January 2008 edition of the specialist magazine Guitart.

Giuseppe Caputo and Luciano Pompilio also collaborate in didactic circles and cultural promotion, such as being artistic managers to the “International Guitar Festival” of Manfredonia and the Review “In concert” in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Source: Duo Caputo Pompilio Website
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Aryeh Oron (October 2012)

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