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Caterva Musica (Baroque Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1998 - Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Caterva musica comes from Latin and means "musical band ". The ensemble was founded in in 1998 by the musician couple - Elke and Wolfgang Fabri and organized and led since then by them. The ensemble is made up of professional musicians that are usually directed by the solo cellist Olaf Reimers. Woodwinds, strings and leyboard players form the core of Chamber Orchestra.

Caterva musica is at home in the Ruhr area and stands out there by their Historical Performance Practice. The members play on original or historical models reconstructed instruments that give the special sound in interaction. Caterva musica gas gained a major awareness by their regular concerts since 2001, five times held annually with great success at Schloss Horst in Gelsenkirchen.

Changing staffing levels of chamber music to classical orchestra are a trademarks of Caterva musica. The musical work of Caterva musica with now over 50 concert programmes and more than 250 elaborated works is colorful and varied. Firstly, should be mentioned their work with churches and choirs. In this field they present the musical band from chamber ensemble to classical orchestra with great Passions and oratorios. Besides Caterva musica offers purely instrumental spiritual concert programmes that are specific topics or devoted church festivals.

Another focus in the work of Caterva musica is the co-operation with well-known vocal soloists. Among them should be mentioned Dorothee Mields (soprano), Joachim Gabriel Maaß (baritone), Anke Sieloff (mezzo-soprano), Andreas Post and Max Ciolek (tenors ).

Concert programs originated, staged by secular cantatas to smaller operas such as e.g. the Intermezzo opera Pimpinone by Georg Philipp Telemann.

In order to offer flexible, relatively inexpensive concerts, Caterva musica performs repeatedly in various chamber music ensembles, usually 3 to 5 players. Thus they have created programmes that are characterized by the playful quality of the particularly distinguished musicians: high virtuoso and emotional concerts! Most of the musical work of Caterva musica is performed in moderated instrumental concert programmesr. Through the playful quality of the individual musicians can be realized in solo works. The occupations in these programmes are usually of 11-14 players.

Source: Caterva musica WeBsite, English translation by Aryeh Oron (April 2014)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2014)

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