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Maria Gabriella Cianci (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: 1962 - Foggia, Italy

The Italian mezzo-soprano and pianist, Maria Gabriella Cianci, graduated early in the most disciplines of music (piano, singing "ramo cantanti", singing "ramo didattico") always with the highest grades, praise and mention ministerial at the Conservatorio di Musica N. Piccinni in Bari and the Conservatorio di Musica U. Giordano in Foggia. In 1983, she was winner of the prestigious Rotary International Award as the best new graduate with artistic merit, at the Conservatorio di Musica U. Giordano in Foggia.

Maria Gabriella Cianci is the overall winner of 26 international opera competitions, citing among the best known: A. Peri, T. Schipa, F. Mecenati, M. Caniglia, F. Cilea, “Zonta International”, I. A. Corradetti, A. Briccialdi, Viotti, “Vissi d’Arte”, M. Kolbe, etc. She has to her credit more than 27 years of intense lyrical concert career during which she specialized in different vocal disciplines graduating from the prestigious academies: Accademy Liederistic Hugo Wolf (Umbria-Salzburg), Accademy Chigiana of Siena, Accademy Rossiniana of Pesaro, Accademy Lirica di Martina Franca, Accademy Barocca di P. da Palestrina, having had masters of vocal stylistic technique such as M: M. Hajwort, Elio Battaglia, E. Werba, R. G. Gazzani, I. Seefried , L. Spitzer, S. Ardons and P. Gossett.

Maria Gabriella Cianci is considered today as one of the most eminent artistic personalities in the field of classical vocal nationally and internationally. She made his debut in starring roles in Italian and foreign theaters in a vast repertoire (from Lady Macbeth, Cinderella going to Mimi, Musetta, La Griselda (Gualtiero), Semiramide, Donna Anna, Fiordiligi, Serpina, Rosina, Isabella, Fjodor, Lucrezia Borgia, Contessa, Jonata, etc. She has performed under the baton of internationally renowned conductors, suchas C. C. Frajese, A. Zedda, A. Siciliani, M. Rota, D. Renzetti, O. Ziino, F. Fanna, M. Gualtieri, P. Peloso, L. Gasparini, etc. She has recorded for several labels such as Radio France, Arkadia (Griselda by Antonio Vivaldi), Bongiovanni, etc.

Maria Gabriella Cianci is musician intellectual undisputed specialist in Baroque singing, Lied and oratorio (cantatas and sacred music by J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Alessandro Scarlatti, Rossi; oratorios and masses by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Piccinni, Mozart, George Frideric Handel and Purcell; operas and sacred actions by Monteverdi, Carissimi up to Mercadante; Lieder of the Classical era (from Haydn to L.v. Beethoven), Romantic era (from Schubert to Johannes Brahms - Wolf), Lieder with the orchestra ( Four Last Lieder by R. Strauss, Ruckert Lieder by Gustav Mahler, Wesendok Lieder by R. Wagner), and prevalence in the chamber French-Spanish works (E. Satie, Debussy, M. Ravel, J. Rodrigo, F. Obradors, J. Turina, M. De Falla, etc.). With respect to the classical style from Mozart to Rossini, Verdi until the first "opere, e arie da concerto". International criticism has defined her as "a performer with a voice from the absolute capacity due to a variety of instinctive vocal agility technical and sonic intellectual that allow her to deal with the roles and vocal roughest of the operatic repertoire, chamber and concert”. Honorary fellow performer and refined as a pianist and singer, establishing herself at the top of the musical art in the contemporary Baroque and bel canto vocal literature with reference to the cultural dissemination of German Lieder and oratorio and vocal concerto. She performs all repertoires in the five original languages. She has performed in premieres the following oratorio - chamber music - lyrics: sacred and profane cantatas for voice, strings and basso continuo by Luigi Rossi (Puglia and Basilicata 1985/1986/1987), the sacred work Jonata by N. Piccinni for soprano soloist and orchextra (Lecce, 1992), the opera Il Barone di Torreforte by N. Piccinni (Soprno) (Bari, 1993), a cycle of songs by the contemporary composer B. Porena (Rome, 1998), Mass for the beatification of Padre Pio St. Rendine for soprano solo (Vatican City, 1999), performing unpublished arias for soprano by the composers Mola di Bari Pesce, Morgese e Van Westerauth (Bari, 2007), chamber songs for soprano by F. De Matteo (Foggia, 2008): She has a vast discography with recordings of about 700 recitals performed and recorded live in the most famous concert halls by Italian and foreign companies.

For several years, in addition to her personal artistic achievements, Maria Gabriella Cianci enrolled in the course of her brilliant career, won critical acclaim for her cultural education targeted towards specific and sensitive to students who follow her teachings were more times winners (of the first, second and third prizes) at the national and international competitions in the panorama view over the Lirico-Musicale-da Concerto. She holds seminars, master-classes and vocal master-classes at lyrical institute established in the national territory, as well as regularly invited juries of national and international opera competitions. In 1995 she was awarded the high honor to the Lady of Grace International Confederation of Crusader Knights of Malta Order of the Templars, after receiving a further appointment Magister Tutor in recognition of Musical Culture in Southern Italy, all as a result of her achievements on the artistic, educational and organizational revealed in productions sponsored by Lei. Since 1986, she was for ten years Professor of Singing (branch singers) at the Conservatorio N. Piccinni in Bari; currently she teaches at the Conservatorio U. Giordano in Foggia. Since 1996, she is Founder and President of the Bel Canto Association of Foggia and Artistic Director of A.Gi.Mus. section of Foggia.

Since 2006, with the debut in Rome at the Teatro di Documenti and Ambra Jovinelli, Maria Gabriella Cianci has made a national tour until 2010 with the Baroque show Le donne, i cavallier, l’armi pietose canto, flanked by actor-director Marco Filiberti and Argentine pianist Gabriel Chami. She has recently been featured as the supervisor and performer (pianist-soprano), in educational and cultural project (designed by herself) L’arte del cantare, or an overview lecture-concert of vocal literature and philosophy from from the Baroque to Classic, Romantic, until the modern era, proposed in the 2008 musical season A.GI.MUS: Bel Canto and disseminated in some of the most important schools, to address classic, holding conferences - all in concert by her, enjoying huge success from critics and the public, especially the young people. She is currently the Founder and Artistic Director of the del FoggiaMusicaFestival della Vocalità Classic, sponsored by the Province of Foggia, the Associazione Bel Canto Canto of the city of Foggia and the UNESCO club of Foggia.

Source: CIDIM Website (October 2011), English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2014)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2014)

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