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Lucy van Dael (Violin)

Born: 1946 - the Netherlands

The Dutch violisist, Lucy van Dael, studied violin at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Lucy van Dael began her career as a member of the Nederlands Kamerorkest under the direction of Szymon Goldberg, but soon became interested in the Baroque violin. She therefore started a long collaboration with Gustav Leonhardt, Frans Brüggen, Ton Koopman (Musica da Camera), and the Kuyken brothers, becoming in the process one of the leading figures in the revival of authentic string playing. She has appeared in concerts all over the world, appearing with many ensembles and orchestras - among them the Leonhardt-Consort, La Petite Bande and the Orchestra of the 18th Century - as violin or viola soloist. With Frans Brüggen, she founded the Orchestra of the 18th Century, and was for 18 years its concertmaster. She is also a member of the Amsterdam Fortepiano Trio and L'Archibudelli, and performs regularly with harpsichordist Bob van Asperen and cellist Jaap ter Linden. She plays in an ensemble with Bob van Asperen and Wouter Möller, as well as with Anner Bylsma, Vera Beths and Jürgen Kussmaul in LíArchi Budelli.

Lucy van Dael is also increasing in demand as a conductor amongst orchestras worldwide. She was guest conductor of the European Union Baroque Orchestra, Concerto d'Amsterdam, Irish Baroque Orchestra, Beethoven Akademie, Academia Montis Regalis, amongst others.

A member of the faculty of the Amsterdam Conservatory, Lucy van Dael is internationally sought after as a pedagogue, and has been visiting professor in Stanford, the University of California at Berkeley, Basel, Melbourne, Oslo, Hamburg, Jakarta, as well as having given courses throughout the world.

Lucy van Daelís extensive discography brought her several gramophone awards, like the Polish "Fryderyk'97", and the Dutch "Edison". It includes numerous recordings on a wide variety of labels, including : Emi, Sony, RCA, Philips, Telefunken, Harmonia Mundi, Archiv and Naxos: Her many successful recordings include J.S. Bachís Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Naxos, 2-CD) and, with Bob van Asperen, the Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord (Naxos, 2-CD).

Source: Mostly Lucy van Dael Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (December 2012)

Lucy van Dael: Short Biography | Recordings of Instrumental Works

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Frans Brüggen


BWV 56, BWV 82
BWV 232 [1st], BWV 244 [Concertmaster of Orchestra of the 18th Century]

Frans Brüggen


Member of Orchestra of the 18th Century:
V-1 (1989):
BWV 232 [1st]
V-4 (1996):
BWV 244 [1st]

Gustav Leonhardt


Memberr of Leonhardt-Consort:
Cantatas Vol. 1: CD-3:
BWV 7, BWV 8, BWV 9; CD-4: BWV 10, BWV 12; CD-5: BWV 13, BWV 14, BWV 16
Cantatas Vol. 2: CD-5:
BWV 32, BWV 33
BWV 56
Cantatas Vol. 5: CD-5: CD-4:
BWV 91, BWV 92
Cantatas Vol. 6: CD-3:
BWV 107
Cantatas Vol. 7: CD-3:
BWV 127; CD-4: BWV 128, BWV 129; CD-5: BWV 132, BWV 133; CD-6: BWV 134, BWV 135
Cantatas Vol. 9: CD-6:
BWV 180
L-7 (1995):
BWV 27, BWV 34, BWV 41

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